Custom CSS

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

As pretty as Anytype looks, users might prefer different font/element sizes, margin/paddings, colors etc.

Describe the solution you’d like

Have a Custom CSS code Object/Block, which users can add to (overriding any style).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Ideally it should be possible to edit the CSS directly in Anytype, seeing changes in real-time.

If not possible, at least have a folder where user can place their .css files.


There are already seperate request for:

[Font Styles](Different font option & ability to change font size)

[Accent Color](Accent color options)

but a custom CSS option should be much more powerful for advanced users


This one together with the one lynxlove mentioned could all work via css as well. For regular users just have a nice UI to change font height and font style and in the background change the CSS. And the power user does have access to all the CSS settings.


I second this - a very big advantage of ObsidianMD is the ability for users to make custom themes and CSS snippets that can also be exchanged. A custom CSS option would make it possible for CSS-proficient users to generate different styles and non-proficient users to apply styles provided by others.