Make bold bolder in Android

In Android, bold text is very similar to normal text.

I’d rather have a more noticeable difference.

Not sure if this is the case in desktop as well (can’t check right now).

I wouldn’t mind current appearance if I had the option to choose my own CSS style to override anything I might want to look different, as per the request below

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On Windows (Anytype 0.27.0):
Dark mode:
Light mode:

The difference is not huge in dark mode, but still noticeable enough for me. Light mode looks very clear to me.


Thanks! That looks good.

On mobile I think it’s a bit too subtle.

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I agree!

@Flip can you check how bold bold is on iOS?

There you go

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Also would prefer if it would be a bit boulder.

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Hey there,

Yura from design team is here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report. I see that on Android this style is medium rather than bold. We’ll fix it on the next design review (probably the next week).


@yura was this indeed implemented in the 0.10.0 release for Android? I don’t really see a difference but that might be just me…

@sambouwer Not yet… We have been working on other things and postponed the design review. I will ask the Android developers to fix it sooner, it should be quick :slight_smile:


Please check Anytype Android 0.13.2 released update :slight_smile: and let us know what you think

Looks good to me!

@qualquertipo what do you think?