Create connection to Zotero

Create connection to Zotero
Similar to this

allows to connect your notes to your database
would be extremely useful


feel like this would also make a great plugin with a lot of import sources!


I agree! Moved to the subcategory.

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I would also love this feature. This would really help with writing review or research papers. Maybe anytype’s plugin can be a little easier for non techy people like me. haha…ha

Since Anytype is not online based, it wouldn’t make sense to have a (notion) link under the individual Zotero item. What do you expect the input behaviour to do? Creation or opening of object, importing annotations and notes?

I would like the plugin to have inter-connection, and quick access of item/object through both ends. There would be no need to have 2 creation process on Zotero and Anytype for 1 single item… I don’t mind keeping citation details (type, date, author) in Zotero alone. Speed is a must for me.

As an Obsidian user, the Zotero integration plugin is way too slow; citations plugin requires too much efforts to maintain, needing to continuously export to BibTex first. I don’t prefer cloud based linkage.

Or if Anytype is solid enough for capturing pdf annotations and generating academic citations and references, I am happy to use Anytype alone.


For people who are not familiar with the application, Zotero (opensource) is essentially a research database originally aimed and organizing citations, but has grown to meet other needs of researchers. It can be run locally or via a cloud account. As a part of its feature set geared at collecting, taking notes and organizing one’s research, it can also do a very good job of capturing web pages. When doing so it also collects the page meta data which is then included in the database. It was also one of the first applications that you could use to extract annotations made in a pdf reader, into a research database.

Zotero integration would make antype attractive to many researchers. These integrations might also help with Anytype web capture workflows.


I’d like to vote for Zotero integration as well. Note-taking/PKM/Writing tools like Zettlr, Logseq, and Obsidian integrate or have plugins that connect with Zotero.

At the most minimal level it would be very useful for AnyType to be able to search a Zotero library for a reference and insert a link to it from the AnyType object. Even better would be for it it to include the proper bibliographic citation in AnyType.

The other tools I mentioned do that but also can import the metadata from the Zotero reference as well as (at least in Logseq and Obsidian’s case) the notes and annotations from Zotero. They do a lot of other things too but that gives a sense of what sorts of connectivity and information could be useful.

The point is, using AnyType in the context of research and other academic (or even non-academic) work means writing literature notes or referring to publications, reports, etc. in the context of the rest of our personal knowledge management work… so being able to link to and extract information from Zotero is really necessary.

The way that Zettlr and Obsidian work (for the metadata at least) doesn’t even really require Zotero integration to accomplish those things. They rely on a BibTex or CSL-JSON file that Zotero is able to automatically export on a regular basis using its Better BibTex plugin. I believe that implies that their “integration” is potentially workable for tools other than Zotero. Anyway, they work quite nicely using that.

(by the way, I know someone above preferred some sort of API integration but in my opinion this file is more durable. It doesn’t require an Internet connection and my Zotero library with well over 2000 items in it updates seamlessly in the background, enabling very fast access from those other PKM tools). In the case of Logseq it works through an API and can take a very long time to find a reference, which I don’t love).


While waiting for plugins for Zotero in Anytype, I decided to go back to using Zutlio add-on in Zotero and ‘Copy selected item link’ (or my customised shortcut) to get the deeplink for the citation item; then paste to a relation with URL type. This way I can open the citation item directly.

This method is way quicker than inter-connection (or asking the system to search for item) because only one time identification is needed and it is easily achievable when I am working on the article anyway.


Considering the potential of inclusion of pdf annotation and handwriting in Anytype, the critical function would be the ability to transform / export into a proper article with the required text styles and layout, including reference list/bibliography, following the academic requirements.

Another issue I hope to be able to address (somehow) is the in-text citation of articles for same author/surname with same year (e.g. Smith, 2023a and Smith, 2023b).

  • Generally speaking, aliases can resolve the in-text citation.
  • Or if inline relation supports text style display, it is possible to add a full reference to the object as relation and display it that way.

However, this doesn’t consider/detect when I have two or more similar used citations which need to be distinguished when needed and only when needed. Of course, I can go through it myself, hoping I didn’t overlook :sweat_smile:

Any Zotero/reference manager integration would be absolutely mental!

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I would also like to see an integration of Zotero with Anytype, so the app could be among the tools that researchers use when organizing.