Referencing External Files in Anytype

I have a reference manager setup with Zotero where I keep all my references for websites, files like PDFs, etc., and the actual files are stored in a Personal Server, such that it doesn’t take up space on my machine and there’s no duplicity of the files.
I recently created a reading list dashboard on Anytype out of the same set of references that exist on Zotero, the problem however is those same set of files are now being stored in the Anytype working directory. Is there a way to reference files from a central folder and not duplicate it in the working directory?


There are some feature requests related to this. These 2 are what first come to my mind. You might want to check them out.

Zotero Integration
Open files externally

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Yeah, Zotero integration will be a great feature if it’s feasible, we can just add a field for the citekeys in relations, and Zotero will anyway be connected to some external central storage so essentially there’s no duplication of the same set of references!
This is how I currently use Obisidian with Zotero!
Thanks for pointing out the feature requests.