Community Beta Release & Alpha Migration Trail Guide

:star2: The day is finally upon us, Anytype Beta is here for the Community! :tada::sparkles:

For those who want to start a fresh account with Beta:

  1. :inbox_tray: Download / install the compatible version for your OS
  2. :link: Click Join

You’re good to go! :+1:


  • Don’t Log In with your Alpha Recovery Phrase if you want to start fresh, or you’ll be prompted to migrate. Just click Join, as invite codes are no longer required to access Anytype!

:mountain_biking_man: For Alpha Types who’d like to keep their content (import account into the new Beta software):

:lady_beetle: As always, if you encounter any bugs in the app, please report them. Your feedback is vital in making Anytype better for everyone by helping us fix these issues :wrench: :dizzy:

Release Notes:


Quoting Angelo here: “Note: the migration can only be done via the Desktop software.”


If you choose to create a new Beta account and decide to migrate your content manually, you will not retain your Alpha status for that account.

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If i remember correctly you will need to keep your Anytype ID from your Alpha account so you could 10GB benefit of the alpha users status. If that’s what you’re worried about.


Or, give your Community user name along your new anytype pre-beta ID in the Get more storage email.

I followed the Migration Trail Guide exactly but now I can see that I am only getting 1GB of file storage though I’m an Alpha Type. I’m wondering if I did something wrong here?

Where can I find this email? Thanks

@Volpit @tom-rutherford

You have to go over 1GB storage to get the notification, I documented the process and the bug that go with it right there:


Wasn’t the idea to eventually have unlimited storage. Sorry, I’m not sure what the 10GB limit applies?

The 10GB limit is free online (sync/backup) storage on Anytype servers for Alpha types, as a “than you”; IIRC, Beta types will get 1GB.

The longest term intention is to charge for space on Anytype servers (these guys have to make a living!) and to support self-hosting, where you keep everything on your own systems (i.e. don’t need Anytype storage space.

I guess there might be a pricing tier that allows unlimited storage on Anytype servers, but details of how that service will be priced haven’t been decided yet.


Both android and windows says that the app is dangerous to the system. Why that ?

Here too.
Probably not an issue, but would give me peace of mind if devs could comment on it.

I just found this post, from 1 year ago:

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Thank you Anytype team for all your hard work.

I just wanted to confirm that I was able to install the new download, migrate my existing data into the new format, etc. (on the desktop), with no issues from my side. (MacOS)
I installed the new IOS version, which has all synced perfectly. I had a second or two of confusion as the fresh install had the same icon as the alpha release, but I have now changed the icon image within the app to tell them apart.
I’m assuming that the previous version. 0.31 is no longer needed and probably shouldn’t be used anymore ( On the desktop, it greyed out the icon, but it doesn’t let me choose an alternative icon)

The only issue I have seen has been a UI issue within the ‘Bin’ area where an item can be hidden behind the navigation selection at the bottom middle of the screen, but I will report this in the bug section. This is limited to the floating navigation bar in the desktop application, not the mobile version.

Thanks again,

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Hi folks hope everyone is doing well :grinning:

Question about the migration process.

So I log into the Legacy Anytype and get the prompts to follow the steps to migrate:

  1. Final export of all data within the Legacy app

  2. Download the new app and Log In (instead of Sign up) with my existing Recovery phrase

  3. Import my existing data from the Legacy app

Now I am up and running with the new App. I had few questions to clarify:

  1. I believe the new App is now completely independent of the Legacy app and is a completely separate copy am I right?

  2. If so, we can completely delete the Legacy app AND all its data too? I believe my data in the new App will be safe but what confused me is both the Legacy app and the new app use the exact same login details (Recovery phrase) so they are the exact same account am I right? If that is the case is it safe to go thru the Delete account process (see screenshot below) to clean up the Legacy app and its contents? Would it affect any data in the new App?

  3. A corollary to the above question which confused me: given they are the exact same account then I was wondering why the new App wasn’t showing the 10GB extended storage bonus for Alpha testers? Which makes me think they might not be the same account and are independent of each other?

Thanks for clarifying.

That’s correct

Just delete the legacy app.Don’t delete the account - that’s linked to your recovery phrase, so deleting it would shut you out of the new app as well

The 10GB materialises when you hit the 1GB limit. Further storage is applied incrementally up to 10GB.


I’m so excited that we have come this far as a community. I am usually lurking in the background, reading the forum posts and back-reading the telegram channel, but I felt the need to come on and commend everybody for their contributions and efforts.

I just downloaded the latest version and easily migrated my old data to the new application. My 10GB of space also reflects when I check my account information. Now I will spend the next week or so re-learning how to best use anytype for my workflow.

Cheers all!


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Hello everyone.
I’m not sure my message will be noticed but I don’t exactly know where to post it so here we go.

I tried AnyType when it was in Alpha and I did not really like it back then, so I left it aside.
But I’ve noticed the beta phase was starting thanks to the AnyType Reddit so I wanted to give it another go … And it might be a lot better now.

But now apparently there is a way to get 10Gb of sync space for the Alpha users and I’m wondering if I’m able to get it, and how can I be ?
I started with a new recovery phrase I did not have a backup from my previous tests and it would not have left me do it without the backup.

So is it completely impossible now or there is still a possibility ?

Thank you