Anytype Legacy to Beta Migration Trail Guide

Migration Trail Guide

To migrate your data from the Anytype Legacy version to the Beta version and to access the latest features and optimizations, follow the Migration Trail Guide below.

(Note: the migration can only be done via the Desktop software.)

Migration Trail Guide

:computer: Desktop Instructions

1. Update Alpha 0.31.0 to the Legacy app (0.31.9). If you’re not prompted to auto-update, you can do it manually: Anytype>Check For Updates or download Legacy and Beta here

  • Sync your devices to your desktop device (Objects which aren’t fully synced to your desktop device will not be included in the export file)

2. When the pop-up appears, select “Export your data” and choose a save location (or Settings>Export)

  • When the export completes, you’ll be prompted to copy your Recovery Phrase (keep it ready)

  • Click “Close & Download” ( or Anytype>Quit, the import will not work if both versions are open)

3. Download & install the Beta software from the Anytype website

  • Then Log In with your Alpha Recovery Phrase

4. When the pop-up appears: choose “Import backup”, select the file you exported from Step 2. and wait for the progress bar to complete

Your desktop migration was successful, you can now start using the (pre)Beta version of Anytype!

:iphone: Mobile Instructions

1. After successful migration on desktop version, download and install the mobile Beta version from the Anytype website.

2. Log in with your recovery phrase and wait for it to sync.

Your migration is now complete across all devices!

FAQ Q: Do I need to export my old account from the Legacy app or can I start fresh? A: You are not obliged to migrate your account. You can start fresh by installing Anytype Beta and selecting "Sign Up" (instead of "Log In")

Q: Is my data in the legacy app at risk of being lost when I migrate?
A: The migration simply involves exporting the data from the legacy app, doesn’t change/touch what’s there. You can always go back to the legacy app and find your objects there :slight_smile:

Q: How do I export my account?
A: Open the Anytype Legacy app and update to 0.31.9, and wait for the popup to begin the export. You can also initiate an export manually for the Top menu: File > Export.

  • If you are without an internet connection, or files have failed to sync in previous migration attempts, make sure toggles are switched on to include files when you make an export.

Q: I get an error “Open profile: file does not exist” when trying to import.
A: Make sure you have updated to v0.31.8 and redo the export. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Anytype Beta. Then import again.

Q: How can I use the Beta app on mobile?
A: All you have to do is download it, log in with your Recovery Phrase and allow it to sync with your migrated desktop account.

Q: How can I export individual objects or selectively migrate my account?
A: When you have an Object open, in the top right, click the … >Export>Protobuf
Individual Objects Export

Q: How can I import Objects or re-import the migration if it didn’t work ideally?
A: File>Import>Protobuf and import the same (or a new) .zip (protobuf) file. Take caution that this will overwrite any Objects with the same name.
Redo Migration

Q: How do I file a bug report?
A: This requires a bit of an explanation, so see the section below.

Q: I need help!
A: First, (re)read this post, and then:

  • Use search on the forum
  • Ask your question in the Anytype Cafe chat here on the forum

How to File a Bug Report To keep all bug reports and feature requests organized, we need to adhere to a few rules and guidelines regarding the creation of topics on the forum:
  1. Make sure your issue is not already posted on the forum by using search. It can be quite tricky to find the relevant topics, so use multiple searches with different queries.
  2. Make sure your issue is reproducible (even if it’s only reproducible “sometimes”, it’s OK), as it will be very difficult for the developers to fix an issue someone once experienced one.
  3. Create a new topic in the Bug Reports category, provide a Title, and the following necessary tags:
    • Desktop, Android, iOS
    • Trail Guide (if related to the migration process)
    • Any other relevant tags (there are quite a few options!)
  4. Follow the template and instructions to add details like steps to reproduce and print screens or screen captures where relevant
  5. The moderators and developers will take it from here!

Is 0.31.9 the legacy app?

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Yeah, that’s the last update for the legacy app.


The last one forever? Or the legacy app still gonna receive updates in the future?¡

It might receive some minor technical updates here and there, but not new features or infrastructure.


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Yes, the numbers change because updates have a tendency to be a daily occurrence :sweat_smile:


I tried to update earlier, followed the instructions and couldn’t get it done, this always appeared

Where can we download the latest legacy app 0.31? I uninstalled it but now want to reinstall to export my data.

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same here!!!

I followed the steps strictly, but still got an error.

Are you sure your legacy app is 31.9 I have to manually check the update and export with a pop up instead manually go to setting for this to work


If we want to just skip the import, and start using the new version from scratch, how do we do that? I can’t seem to just skip the import…?

Click on join and create a new account.

The Legacy app (gray icon) is supposed to work separately from the Beta, right? Mine kind of merged. When I installed Beta, it became the only Anytype (marked “New”) in my Apps and the Legacy was nowhere to be found. Even as I installed the latest version, it opens the Beta after setup. I found that I can only use the Legacy again if I uninstall Beta.

This isn’t a problem for me as I plan to use Beta from now on, but it does seem like an odd occurrence.


Smooth and simple process! Worked for me.

I was able to successfully migrate my information and the 10gb of space reflects on my account information.

Thanks so much!

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Migrated! ATM no issues!
Now, exploring how to improve the use cases, and finally, do the migration from Google Keep

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I believe the devs are aware of this, only occurs on Windows AFAIK :grimacing: