Anytype Desktop 0.32.0 Released 🤠

Hey Anyfam,

To say we’re excited to share this release with you would be the understatement of our 2023…so far.

This is THE release which integrates our Anysync protocol, introduces spaces to the anyverse, and paves the way towards multiplayer mode and the browser experience we wish to introduce. So many long-term projects came together in this one update, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

We are incredibly thankful to all of you @NightlyType and @Beta folks who bravely tested multiple migrations and pre-release versions to help us roll out a polished product to the rest of our community.

More than 300 bugs, polishes, and features were merged into this one update, so we won’t detail each and every one of them. Instead, in this edition of desktop release notes, we’ll be focusing on the main changes you’ll notice once you’ve installed the new app, and describing each in greater detail.

For all those who are using 0.31.0 or earlier, please note that you’ll need to newly install Anytype to access this version - your current application will not support version 0.32.0 and above. In order to start using the new version with your current account, make sure you’re on the latest version of 0.31 and follow the instructions to transfer your account data to the new Anytype. A walkthrough migration guide can be found here.

Without further ado, here’s what you’re getting with 0.32.0:

Introduction of Private Spaces

Upon opening this version you’ll notice a new addition to your account: that of Space. Your space can be customized in terms of name, icon, and homepage, which you’ll find by clicking on the settings wheel on the ‘Space’ button.

Your space homepage is the main page you’ll see, each time you open Anytype. You can select any object or your graph as your Space home page. To return to your home page from anywhere in the app, you can use shortcut: ⌥ + H

Integration of Anysync protocol

While it won’t be visible from the interface, this release brings the integration of our new Anysync protocol, a work which has been years in the making. For us, arriving here means showing the world that a local-first, p2p synced protocol with an E2E encrypted product built on top, is possible. We hope you’ll find the syncing of your accounts between devices a smoother experience than before, and rest easy knowing that your data is absolutely yours to keep.

Introduction of Widgets

Over the past months, we’ve thought long and hard about how to improve the navigation experience towards a more flexible approach. Enter: widgets, modular units which can be added or removed from your sidebar. Widgets allow you to quickly navigate to your objects and visualize the other objects they are linked to.

When creating widgets, keep in mind that a widget ‘source’ can be any object which you’ve previously added to your graph, or a dynamic list of your ‘recent’, ‘favorite’, or ‘sets’ objects.

Widgets of any kind can be displayed as a link; meanwhile, widgets pointing to singular objects created with the editor can be displayed with ‘tree’ appearance. Widgets pointing to sets, collections, recents, or favorites, can be displayed as a simple or compact list with all target objects inside.


With this update you’ll also discover Collections, which work less like a filter (Sets) and more like a folder. Any object in your graph can be manually added to a collection, either by using the + New buttons in the collection itself, or by selecting ‘Link to’ from the target object’s 3-dots menu.

Similarly with sets, you can visualize your collections based on four different views, and you can also sort & filter your collections based on object relations. Unlike sets however, adding an object to a given collection creates a new link in your graph.

To get you started on your Collections journey, you’ll now see the option to turn any set into a collection of objects, as well as the menu option to create a collection when you hit the ‘plus’ button.

Protobuf Export & Import
Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 12.56.50
In case you would like to transfer objects between anytype accounts, protobuf export is now available on the object and account level. When sharing the object with another anytype user, simply share the exported file - which the other user can import directly as an object in their account. Separately, if for any reason you need to create a new account and wish to preserve all objects in your account, you can also make an export of all your objects by navigating to your Profile settings > Export.

Installation of Use Cases during Onboarding

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 13.34.14

New users are now greeted with a selection of three possible use cases immediately after account creation. Selecting one of the use cases will install a few relevant types, relations, and tasks - as well as our ‘Get Started’ documentation - to make it easier to start building.


Congrats to the Anyteam and Anyfamily on this milestone! I can’t say I know the technical detail behind the Anysync but I know what a huge undertaking it was!

I hope with this taken care of, the development pace and the introduction of new features gets back to normal so that we get to see the amazing things the community can build with it!

Cheers :heart_eyes:


Being an alpha type I only have 1 GB of storage showing in “Personal space” after upgrading and migrating to latest release.

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The option to request more is offered once you hit the 1 GB limit. Make sure you submit your Alpha Type name along with your request!


Congrats to the team and thank you!


Wow just installed the update and it’s AMAZING!

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Hi Angelo,

Do I have to login with my alpha (was using 0.31.0) account in the Beta software in order to claim the storage for Alpha Types? Or I only have to provide my Alpha Anytype ID as you mentioned earlier in another post?

Just want to make sure because I want to start fresh in Beta so didn’t make a data backup before deleting 0.31.0 software and I have nowhere to download it again now :sob:

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Hi @seanfy, starting fresh shouldn’t cause you to lose status since you’re already here as an Alpha type. As long as you include your community username in the email that you will be directed to send once you reach the storage limit, you will be rewarded the 10 GB that is due to you as an Alpha type. You can do whatever you prefer.

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Hi @23jjl , Glad to know that, thank you :smiley:

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I exported my data, downloaded the new desktop version and installed it, but when I go to import my data, I get an Error open profile: file does not exist Back. Anyone else have this issue? Any idea how to resolve it?


You should update legacy app to the latest version, you can download it from here, Anytype, look under the “The old version of the app in case you need it (0.31.9):” text

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I thought this release would let us customize the default item types. Some of the types in the library that are not pre-installed can be edited, but some of them cannot.


Some of the built-in Types are core to the functionality of Anytype and therefore their name cannot be edited (for example, Task), or no templates can be added (for example, File). Those are indicated with a lock icon. For the other built-in ones, you can edit the name.

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Thanks. I ended up having to uninstall the new version, reinstall the old, update to 0.31.9 and export. Then it all worked! Whew!


Super excited for this release! Great job @anytype team!! Going to be diving into these new features and migrate my entire life into this latest version.

That comes with one concern though. Yes, the migration from 0.31 was easy for me and I didn’t have much in there since I’m brand new to the platform, but I’m worried about when we leave beta and enter into production version.

Will we have to migrate like this again or will our data have a clear update path into new/production versions going forward?


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In sbort: most likely there is no second migration needed as Anytype is now powered by its own AnySync protocol.


Thank you very mauch anytype team.

Oh my! I’m so hyped for this! I’ve downloaded it already and love the new look :smiley:

I do have some questions, though. I’ve been using the alpha for months, but though I visited the community website often, I never made an account for it (didn’t know how). After seeing the announcement about the 10 votes, I set to find a way to sign up to the forum and today I thought of checking the first emails I got which did contain an invitation to make an account.

Do I miss on the alpha status because of that? The storage section of the app says 1GB even if I migrated from Alpha. I see above you said one can request additional storage once one reaches 1GB, but I don’t know if I’m eligible in the first place.


Thanks for an update with a lot of work. I didn’t set anytype as the main software I used before due to various defects, and now anytype has become fully usable. Thank you so much.