Sprint Review (58 & 59 & 60)

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While I making my rounds on the forum here :man_walking: I read a chat message in the one of the chat groups with a question whether “sprint review meetings are not a thing anymore” and I thought, "yeah, why are those not posted anymore?! :man_shrugging: ". And then I realized those topics are not posted anymore because I was not writing them! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: While it is not realistic to post these meeting summaries as extensively and frequently as I did before, and maybe not as soon after the sprint review meetings as before (because kids, work, life; :point_left: in that order), I want to give it another try as at least two people in that chat group are looking forward to those posts :wink: . Since the last sprint review meeting topic there were three sprint review meetings that I have not posted about: 58 and 59, and 60.

:warning: Please take note, these are not the release notes for the next update, but rather a list of items the teams have worked on and are working on. Release notes will be posted in the Latest News & Announcements/Release Notes category. As part of the Release Train, the next major release is tentatively planned for mid-July.

In sprint review 58 :running_woman: the team reviewed the phase of Anytype development dubbed “Season 1”, and looked forward what the plans are for “Season 2” [insert Netflix intro here :clapper: ]. In the first season, the team delivered a lot, with some of the highlights listed here. Note that at the time of the sprint review, not everything was fully developed and released, but right now, I believe everything listed below is live with the 0.32.x release:

  • Mainly pre-release focus
  • New infra is almost ready!!!1!
  • Relation as Object
  • Decluttering
  • Migration flow to new Infra
  • New import features (Notion, Protobuf)
  • Inline Sets
  • Collections
  • Widgets & Home screen
  • Design review (tasks created, to be executed)
  • Store accounts
  • Swiss association
  • Open source date approved by main investors

The team also shared some of their learnings :bulb:

  • Too many projects at the same time > limit to two :v: main projects at a time, with two :v: side projects
  • Move to use-case driven development (already planned) to improve product quality
  • Move to “high” (already in progress) tech quality by tracking (metrics/analytics)
  • Force dogfooding Anytype to shorten feedback loop between product engineers and users, and test & refine specific use cases :poodle:

The main focus for Season two would be the preparation for beta and then public release in Anytype versions 0.32.0 and 0.33.0 over the course of June and July. With the knowledge of today (and a date at the bottom right of my screen) we know there were some delays with the 0.32.0 release causing some shifts in the planning, but jeez :anger: , 0.32.0 was a big one… :rocket:

Sprint review 59 was the last sprint review before the (delayed) 0.32.0 release and the team focused on some bureaucratic stuff to share information about the formation of the AnyAssociation as a legal entity registered in Swiss :switzerland:, mainly for, you guessed it, legal reasons :shushing_face: (DAO-friendlier laws & more transparent regulation in :switzerland:). This was one of the prerequisites to publish Anytype’s source code. Other steps in that process are:

:white_check_mark: Check dependency licenses and secrets in source code
:white_check_mark: Update licenses for publishing

At first, the repositories will be made public in a read-only state, and a bit later the repos will be ready for contributions. You can checkout the blog post below about Anytype’s philosophy of open sourcing.

Finally, in this sprint review there was some time spent on the ongoing changes to Anytype’s way of analyzing the data gathered from usage metrics. It was quite interesting to hear, and it would be cool (and maybe even educational) if this kind of presentation could be made public as well.

I had to follow sprint review 60 from my mobile phone, so excuse my brevity with this one. This sprint review mainly focused on the goals for Season 2 (May-Aug 2023) with the key points:

  • Public release (!) (including open sourcing) :unlock:
  • Use cases and use case library (quick notes, diary, contacts, web clipper)
  • Selfhosting :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
  • AdvertisingPublicity :newspaper:
  • Multi personal spaces / sharing :dancing_women:

Alright, that’s a wrap! :burrito: The next sprint review meeting is planned for the 6th of July, so without making a promise, I hope to publish a fresh word salad about the state of Anytype in the week of the 10th of July.


Anytype is going places! :smiley: Thank you for the update.


Awesome, thanks for taking the time @sambouwer !


@sambouwer Thanks for the update

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Thank you @sambouwer! Always a pleasure to have you at our sprint reviews and we’re deeply grateful for your help summarising what goes down :hugs:


Thanks @sambouwer ! Reading the Sprint reviews are always exciting!


Thanks @sambouwer for picking up the Sprint Reviews again :slight_smile:

I’m beyond pumped to finally see the open source version of the code during Season 2!!

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thanks for the write up @sambouwer !

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Thanks, this helps. I was thinking “if open sourcing was only waiting for the infrastructure update, why isn’t it open source yet?”, and then now I’m thinking: the AnyAssociation needs to finish “incorporating” in Switzerland (except you called it Swiss, which I thought was an adjective) before releasing the source. Right?

I think the only thing preventing the source code from being made public is the release date they set. All other things you mentioned (AnySync protocol, legal restructuring) as well as things like refectoring and documentation are prerequisites before you can release. The team decided on combining the public Beta launch with making the repos public, but thats seems more like an arbitrary date.