You're invited: Join us for the ANY Experience Gallery Challenge! 🎬

We’d love to thank each of you who’ve already created your own use cases and submitted to the Experience Gallery for the benefit of the community.

We see the Gallery as a great place to get people started with their Anytype journey, and would love to continue developing it, together with you.

For that, we’ve decided to kick off a 10-week challenge inspired by your very own requests! We’ve scoured our forum, subreddits, and conversations with Anytypers to choose 10 unique posts where a community member has requested help on how to build a specific workflow within the app.

Each week, we’ll choose one of these posts and share an Experience demonstrating how to build it in Anytype. These will be uploaded to the Gallery so anyone can install them.

Here’s where you come in (aka the fun part):

1 - Please VOTE on which request(s) you’d like to see us tackle first! Based on your votes, we’ll create a weekly calendar of use cases to tackle.

2 - We’re inviting you - our real experts - to participate in the challenges as well! One of the fun parts of Anytype is that we all approach the same solution in different ways. If you feel inspired by some of these community requests, please feel welcome to prepare your own use case and submit it to the Gallery during the scheduled week. All submitted Experiences will be shared in our forums. Think of it like lending a helping hand to other community members :wink:

The challenge starts next week, so get voting now!

1. Project Management :dart:

  • Focused on daily tasks and planned objectives, the organized flow helps you keep track of personal projects.
  • What’s inside: project / objective / task templates, task views, daily/weekly planner, simple examples and more.
  • Inspired by Spiritual-Discount2 from Reddit!

2. Business / Startup Planner :bow_and_arrow:

  • Whenever you have an idea, Business Planner will help you achieve your goal: no need to google how to proceed - the groundwork is already in the use-case.
  • What’s inside: fully detailed steps with subtasks, habits and calendar.
  • Inspired by SweetAlps1234 from Reddit!

3. Paid Subscriptions Tracking :money_with_wings:

  • For those who are sometimes surprised by subscription renewal notifications (you know those tricky trial periods).
  • What’s inside: tracking table & widget.
  • Inspired by Clippingtheclips from Reddit!

4. Plant Database :potted_plant:

  • The passionate will find the in-depth approach to observing and sorting plants fascinating: take notes on properties, care, cultivation details and build your customized database.
  • What’s inside: plant template rich in the variety of relations needed + a few species as an example to get you started right away.
  • Inspired by FoodForestPlants from the Community!

5. Home Pages :jigsaw:

  • Pre-designed templates of your “Home Page” made in different layouts & colors.
  • What’s inside: set of starter pages.
  • Inspired by MrPrstmKr from the Community!

6. Simple Tables :building_construction:

  • Pre-made templates of tables [worksheets] created for different purposes & moods.
  • What’s inside: page with various tables to copy + use.
  • Inspired by zhinn0 from the Community!

7. Event Manager: Home Edition :ladder:

  • Complex setup to keep track of event details & information from different areas when organizing a birthday party / yoga retreat / book club night or any other event on your own.
  • What’s inside: master plan including segments such as venue, logistics, schedule, food, activities, etc.
  • Inspired by @IrisMak from Telegram!

8. Zettelkasten: Smart Notes :fountain_pen:

  • The Zettelkasten Method is about optimizing your workflow of writing and producing knowledge. The products are texts, mostly.
  • What’s inside: note templates built in blocks and layers, linked to each other through tags or other metadata + README
  • Inspired by WesXpress from Youtube!

9. CRM: Basic Approach :chair:

  • Simplified approach for those who need system and convenience with limited customer data.
  • What’s inside: a set of pages representing clients, with multiple entries on each page + README
  • Inspired by letopeto from Reddit!

10. FRM: Friend Relationship Management :paperclips:

  • A new perspective on friendship - communication control system on the next level. Organize and make up meetings, convert conversations into thoughts and feelings, make plans and don’t forget your friends during this busy time online.
  • What’s inside: a set of objects visualizing people with multiple data to fill in + README
  • Inspired by an anonymous user interview!

  • Project Management
  • Business / Startup Planner
  • Paid Subscriptions Tracking
  • Plant Database
  • Home Pages
  • Simple Tables
  • Event Manager: Home Edition
  • Zettelkasten: Smart Notes
  • CRM: Basic Approach
  • FRM: Friend Relationship Management
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Useful Links:


“FRM” is what drew me here in the first place, but for it to be truly effective it’ll need to wait for the implementation of formulas. (Notifications too, but not as critical.) I can share the unsatisfactory halfway-there set-up that I made, but I wouldn’t recommend showcasing it.


Anytype team - Would you consider an incentive for Community members who submit Experiences, maybe a badge, bonus storage space, or a future discount? :wink:

After trying most of the current experiences in the Gallery, here are a few suggestions for anyone creating a new Experience:

  • Add a Read Me page with tips for how to use the Experience, or just add a link back to a post here in the Anytype Community.

  • Make the title of your homepage unique, so it’s different from the default homepage that’s in a new space. Maybe add an emoji or a symbol so it’s easy to find.

  • Put the unique homepage or the main object/set/collection in the sidebar Favorites widget.

  • Make the object template titles unique, and delete any duplicate templates.

  • Check that the filters on a set/collection are correct, especially if there are multiple views of the set/collection.

  • Add “pre-installed” tags to your Experience, so it’s easy to find and delete.

Basically, make it easy for a new user to use your Experience with minimal instructions.


I agree, most of us have workarounds to use Anytype and are hesitant to share our workflows because they only half-way work.


Indeed. I just saw your video about the daily journal. I wouldn’t put out a template with so many bugs in the storefront. It’s entirely expected for early beta software to have its quirks, but new users will probably expect stuff in the shiny Gallery to be much closer to 100% in order.

And while at it, also the templates involving databases (e.g., library, movies, plants) will be an order of magnitude better once the API is available for scripts/plugins that will fetch existing metadata from available databases. I mean, these templates are 100% in order but still require a lot of manual work. It feels outdated to copy and paste one-by-one individual data points from IMDb and Goodreads into Anytype. I hope this too will soon be resolved, and allow Anytype to truly shine.


Hi AnyTeam. I’m a french user of Anytype and a contributor for the translation. My problem is that I have created Experiences but it’s difficult to share them because they are all in french (types, templates, relations, tags, etc.). If I want to share them in english, I must to duplicate them and translate all the strings.
I don’t know how to duplicate a Space, and I don’t know how to copy types or relations from one Space to another…
Thanks a lot if you have solutions to suggest.
My Experiences are :

  • A genealogical Space : Humans, Families, Events, Places with relations inspired by the GEDCOM format.
  • Gardening planning : in a square garden, squares, botanical sheets, calendar, etc.
  • Art library : Painters, Paintings, Artistic movements (with content). Everybody can add the preferred paintings with rating…
    Best regards.


You can export your space then import it to another blank space or you can export those items one by one.

Unfortunately there’s no option to export a specific group of items from within a space yet.

True, with such features-gamechangers, many aspects will become more powerful and easier to use.

But even without them (so far), I’ll be happy if you show your approach! Very exciting to see. I’m sure it can be very useful for brainstorming cool ideas for the “basic” version of FRM :yum:

Absolutely! That’s exactly what is in our plans. More details coming very soon! Including a few updates on the upcoming Town Hall on the 8th of February :wink:

P.s. thanks for the recommendations on creating experiences! From you - as an expert tester - it’s doubly appreciated.

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TL;DR: My FRM is based on a template for Human-type objects that has an inline set showing Meeting-type objects filtered by a Relation for Participants (Human-type objects)

It goes like this:

The Human-type template contains a series of relations for friends’ “metadata” (birthday, etc.). The template also includes an inline set that queries Meeting-type objects with a series of relations, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

If I have a meaningful conversation with anybody, I create a Meeting object. The Meeting template has its own relations:

  • Participants (Human-type objects)
  • Location (text. I also write there “videocall”)
  • N.B. (text. Anything important)
  • Tasks (Task-type object for anything actionable)

Everything else I want to note about the interaction is freeform under these relations.

The main function of a “FRM” is to get a reminder if I haven’t interacted with a friend in X days, open their page and see directly there the content regarding the last interaction we had.

The best unsatisfying solution I found is with the inline set I mentioned. This inline set displays Meeting-type objects in a grid, and it has a default filter for Participants.

When I create a page for a friend I have to adjust the inline set to show only them. Because the filter is pre-populated, it takes “only” 5 mouse clicks to filter for the respective friend on their page. It’s cumbersome and far from intuitive, but with no automation/transclusion/formulas/dynamic content it’s the best I mustered. Once set, the grid shows the last meeting date, anything I wrote in “N.B.”, and if there are associated Tasks. Imperfect, but it’s the price I’m willing to pay for using beta software.

Without formulas it falls short of the most critical thing: giving me a reminder when I haven’t talked with somebody I want to talk with. Given that the whole issue is that I don’t always remember myself, a system without formulas simply doesn’t offer a solution to the problem.

Without transclusion there’s no real option to display all of the content I wrote on the Meeting object. The “N.B.” text-relation is a workaround that feels like a workaround: it allows me to display a single plaintext sentence. Nothing in bold, no bullet points or links, and if it’s longer than a sentence it doesn’t show in full. For anything else I need to open the Meeting object, and if I want to freshen up the last few interactions the back-and-forth from the friend’s page is pretty annoying.

Another more minor UX issue is that I can’t check/uncheck Tasks from the inline set.

Bottom line? What I built isn’t a solution to the base problem (getting reminders), and even what it does is pretty clunky. Once formulas and transclusion are implemented then a truly effective FRM can be made. Hopefully we’ll get that and RTL-language support in 2024.

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It’s a super interesting use case anyway. Thank you so much for such a meaningful feedback!
The product team is keeping an eye on it :eyes:

Hi Patrick!
You can also share your experiences in French if you want!
Just choose your language when submitting on GitHub, and voilà :upside_down_face:

Is there an ETA for formulas, as broad as Q2/3/4? It’s not anywhere on the roadmap for 2024… I realize the efforts to deliver multiplayer capabilities took much of the focus lately, but I also like to believe the Any team can put out a more ambitious roadmap for the coming year

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you an approximate date (at least not right now), but I believe it’s quite possible. The development team may well surprise us with some additional features in the coming seasons.
If there’s any news, I’ll get back to you in the dm with an update)

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Looks like we have a plan for the next 10 weeks!

And a “Winner” :slight_smile:

Kicking off Week #1 with Zettelkasten!

We will build an experience demonstrating our vision on how to use this smart note taking and knowledge management system in Anytype.

Friendly reminder: if you feel inspired by this idea, please feel welcomed to prepare your own use case in your most unique way and submit it to the Gallery during the scheduled week! All submitted experiences will be shared in our forums.

Let’s get started! :rocket:

Week #1 - Zettelkasten: Smart Notes

Week #2 - Project Management

Week #3 - FRM: Friend Relationship Management

Week #4 - Home Pages

Week #5 - CRM: Basic Approach

Week #6 - Plant Database

Week #7 - Business / Startup Planner

Week #8 - Paid Subscriptions Tracking

Week #9 - Simple Tables

Week #10 - Event Manager: Home Edition


When will the challenge kick off

now :boom:
we’re into week #1!

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Any updates on how the week is going so far. This is day 3 but I’m not seeing any update.

Still had no idea what exactly is happening during the week 1 or what to expect. It’s just too quiet for what is called a challenge