Reintroduce home page with custom wallpaper

Image of anytype alpha home page. :point_up_2:


  1. I have concern that I really like this home interface in anytype alpha but when I update with anytpe latest beta, There is no home option like alpha. I really miss this if it would not come in future beta.


  1. You can reintroduced home page option for beta as it is available in alpha/legacy version.

Custom Themes :point_up_2:


  • Home Page:
  1. It looks awesome when we open anytype software in PC rather to open directly one of our objects as a home screen.
  2. It provides us an overview of our all of objects, sets, relations & whole library.
  • Custom Theme
  1. It can be helpful to decorate home page.



  1. Anytype Alpha for home page.
  2. Gmail for custom theme.



  1. What is your planning for home page in future beta?
  2. It (Home Page) has gone for lifelong?
  3. How is my opinion?

@Angelo If any of the suggestion mention in this feature request topic is not appropriate, Kindly guide me with suggestion and thoughts.


As far as I understand it they made the desission to remove the homepage in favor of a user defined page. Which is more flexibel then the old homepage. So I think it is gone for good sadly.

I liked the old homepage and I agree that is had potential to be more customizable but you could already change the background image and I don’t understand how density modes would work with the old homepage since it doesn’t have lists view like gmail has.

Evernote has a nice homepage (or dashboard) with widgets and more. I had hopes Anytype would go that route as well but in my opinion having a page that I can choose as my homepage has more advantages.


The old homepage will apparently come back as a dashboard layout in the future. This was said in the latest town hall iirc.


Density modes will not work with old home page. I am requesting that to add this feature. Gmail is just for an example, Devs can modify density modes according to their ease and requirements. After all it is a suggestion.

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I don’t think this is useful right now, but it will be when the Space Builder is introduced.

I imagine the Home as an amazing dashboard for your spaces, rather than the previous approach of sets and objects.


Thanks @MrPrstmKr for clearly illustrating your idea!

I share your sentiment regarding the absence of cozy wallpapers, and suppose many others feel the same.

A potential solution is to incorporate your own Dashboard (Pages / Sets of Sets) within the Side-bar, along with a Home-Page (Settings>Personalization). This combo may evoke the familiar ambiance and easy navigation you hope for in your Personal-Space.

Admittedly, the Personal-Space concept isn’t quite there yet, and agree with @Alejandro that the introduction of multi-spaces will push this level of personalization.


@Alejandro Kindly explain Space Builder in short lines. :smiley: I don’t know what is this.

Don’t quote me on this, but it’s say it’s Anytype’s equivalent to Obsidian’s Vaults, Roam’ Graphs or Notion’s Spaces.

Most of the users don’t like home page, according to the voter list. Now no need an attention on this. :weary:

I’ve seen showcases with custom wallpapers. Was it removed or am I missing a setting somewhere?

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@Kerstie It was available on Alpha/legacy version, The home page option with custom wallpaper is not in a priority feature and most of the users don’t like home page according to votter list, you can checkout in top of this post. So, Custom wallpaper in home page or home page itself gone for life long afaik.

If we want back home page with custom wallpaper than we have to vote this feature request, at least 60+ vote needed for now to make this most important feature, So Dev’s can think about it. You can contribute to upvote this feature request, if you need custom wallpaper in a home page. Currently this feature has only 3 votes.

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Hey @MrPrstmKr,
Thanks for asking about the homescreen (home page).
But to be honest:

NEVER ask to many thing together in a vote.
So you do NOT ask if the Home Page (Homescreen) would be a good idea to get back.
Mixing two points together (Homescreen and Density) will reduce the «Yes’».
Then you asked the 2. question to a strong feeling (at least in my language).
Who will be desperate because of Anytype’s Homescreen? I guess this also had an influence on the vote.

At the end 12 voters are not that big (I guess on the size of the Anytype userbase).

I think it is rather uncertain to deduce a general state of mind that the home screen is no longer desired.
But of course it influences developers of Anytype. Unfortunately.

Well meant, but the poll would have to be neutral and only related to one point (homescreen) and polled over a larger amount of people using Anytype to really determine that the homescreen is no longer desired.

I don’t think a large number of people like

  • to search around or
  • scroll through dozens objects
  • everytime new sorted objects,
  • do this for a mutch longer time then before
  • and find stuff more difficult or by chance
  • and would like to have well known no longer (the last alone would be totally against any human behavior).

Sorry, but I think the result of the survey is unfortunately not to be considered as a general situation. On the contrary.


They don’t, hence the new sidebar with widgets. For most people, the new sidebar is much better than the old homepage at all of those things.


Hey @isle9,
I accept your opinion. But why do you know that?
Is there a big survey?

Sure, I don’t know either.
But I once started a survey just on this point.
A Vote about Homescreen in Beta-Version

Maybe you can tell/show me how you have it “better” with the widget. Means faster and easier, if you have more than 50 objects in the favorites and more than 100 outside of Favorites.
I go crazy with all the re-orderer objects every time, or have to search through an extremely long to scroll solution with the Collections.

I’ll have to take another look at these Collections though.
Somehow I don’t quite understand it.
If you could link me something like a step-by-step. Maybe it really is THE solution.
But currently I always get this fixed 4 column view. And in mobile it is even worse.

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