Web Clipper

For example, I may be researching the best tires for cars.
maybe I also want to add that URL to a bookmark collection titled “Most Sustainable Parts for Green Vehicles”.

One way to this is by using hashtags. For example, creating collection/folder “Tires for Cars” then hashtag your bookmark URL with specific hashtags like “#green-vehicle”.
Raindrop bookmark manager has this feature. hopefully Anytype takes inspiration from that project.

I’m confused about whether a web clipper is available or not

Web clipper · Issue #22 · anyproto/roadmap · GitHub (From January of 2023) says the web clipper will be available in February.

Where can I download the safari webclipper for Mac OS?

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It is not available yet. Anytype team did show a demonstration during last town hall. Check out the video when it is available, and feel free to give feedback :wink: