Join us 08 Feb 18:00 CEST for our next Community Town Hall/AMA! 🪩

Hello, community!

Coming off a great 2023 and a several weeks of strategic planning, we’d love to have a sit-down with y’all and kick off our first town hall of 2024. The theme: What’s Planned for 2024.

This will be a classic town hall with our founders, who’ll be joined by several other members from the Anyteam. Expect ~15 minutes of presenting our goals & major roadmap items for the year, followed by ~45 minutes of live Q&A to answer all of your questions.

For those who can’t join us, as always - feel free to drop your questions below so we can address them during the call. The recording will be shared here afterward. For everyone else, the link to register is below. We can’t wait to see you there! :love_you_gesture::piñata:


Yay :raised_hands:


Question for the AnyType Team.
Has one on the team had a dream about AnyType? like when you go to sleep, and have a dream is what I am talking about.
I am just saying, many famous inventions came from a dream, like for example, Thomas Edison’s Light Bulb, The equation from Albert Einstein E = mc2, The cure for polio all came from a dream they had in their sleep.


Is a recording of the talk going to be available? I missed attending it.


Same for me

Hi! A recording will be shared, we just need a bit of time to go over the questions we missed during q&a, and would like to share these in written format. Thanks for your patience :o)


I was in therapy an couldn’t attend; excited to see what all was talked about.

excited to review the recording/notes


Hi, I would love to see a recording of this.

Hope the link comes soon! I totally missed this town hall somehow! :man_shrugging:

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same here


Hope the recording link will be shared soon.


@Charlotte is it possible to share the recording without the written format?

As you may see, I am a bit impatient and very curious what is coming this year for Anytype. :smiley:


haha same, I thought it was only going to be a few hours

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If you’re waiting for APIs/plugins don’t get too excited. They have been postponed until the end of the year (Q4), and maybe even 2025.

For me, this means that tracking movies and tv shows remains a frozen project, as I refuse to fill in (I don’t have extra free time) when there are automated and useful ways to do it. I also don’t see how canvas/mindmap functionalities will appear.

Beyond these niche needs, I’m sure Anytype has a lot of room for development - core missing functionalities, polishing what’s available, UI/UX development that has been written a lot about in the last 2 years.


I hear you. Same here. My first workaround/hack with books looked like this–

  1. Add books to a Goodreads list
  2. Export .CSV
  3. Open .CSV in Excel and delete columns (relations) I don’t care for. (Anytype currently allows only 10 relations and 1000 objects per import)
  4. Create a new, empty Space for the import into Anytype (otherwise it’ll be a mess)
  5. Import modified .CSV
  6. Create a new template to display relations (e.g., “Author”, “Year”)
  7. Copy the template (to clipboard, ctrl+C)
  8. Open an object from the imported collection
  9. Change the type (e.g., from Page to Book)
  10. Paste the template from the clipboard
  11. Go back to imported Collection
  12. Repeat one by one while you feel the fur growing on your body and your mind turning into a monkey.
  13. Export & import back into the Space you want the collection to be

My new “trick”? I keep Anytype on the right half of the screen and IMDb on the left half. I create individual objects directly as Movie-type, with the default template for it. I then copy from one side of the screen and paste on the other side of the screen 10 Relation datapoints into the template. This is even more tedious, making even the monkey in me feel stupid, but there’s a big advantage: the .CSV import limits Relations to text-only. If you want “Year” to be a number, “Author” to direct to an Object, or “Language” to be a tag-- you really have to do everything manually.

Bottom line: I completely gave up on the idea of cataloging my full library, and resorted to just making the simplest objects for books/movies. The only Relation I keep (besides the title) is the author/director, and then I write my personal note/review/summary. The current state of Anytype shows how things can potentially look like, but to get there we’ll need to wait for additional tools (2025?)

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Are APIs/plugins really niche needs?

Thank you for your assistance and enthusiasm!

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Just a saDcasm.

Hi all!

Thanks for your patience. Here you will find the recording, and below the answers from chat that we didn’t manage to address during the call:

Link to recording (Please let me know if upload quality is still poor, it’s processing right now so it should improve in the next couple of hours.)


Simon Lanz: How about the right sidebar? Will that come this year as well? It has been mentioned in the forum quite a while ago :slightly_smiling_face:

Later this year - after multiplayer & discussions - we will be revisiting the basics: editor experience, relations & types management, sets, widgets, etc - with the goal of making the interface easier to navigate. Right sidebar (as a possible solution) will be considered as we make this exploration, but no promises that it will be implemented if we find alternative ways of simplifying the UX. If you have specific ideas on how you would like to see this implemented, please add your comment here.

Shampra: Any progress on file import problems? We’re waiting to migrate, but we need converters that can also import images and other files.:innocent::yum:

From our dev team: File import problems should largely be resolved in the scope of the ‘files as objects’ project, which will be shipped in the next release (and available already in pre-release). However, each time we make such changes there are some new bugs discovered in the file import process, so it’s best to double-check how it’s working.

Questions/feedback about file-as-object demo:

As mentioned above: it’s available now for those of you using pre-release versions, and will be shipped with our next update so everyone can test it. We’ll be happy to take your feedback as feature requests in the forum so it’s easier for our Product Team to prioritize and discover how the experience is working :slight_smile:


Just one question…
THAT! When?
With " Relations UX Improvements" this season? :heart_eyes:
Or with “Tag as an object” so far away? :disappointed_relieved: