Using Anytype as a Movie/TV Show Database

I thought it would be cool to show my design for my Movie/TV Show Collection. I know there’s multiple services like TMDB, IMDb or Trakt to track and collect your watched movies/series but I wanted it to be more. I wanted to be able to add my personal review, rating, my favorite backdrops, quotes, etc of them in a beautiful fashion. It’s still very much a work in progress but with the introduction of inline sets,I thought maybe some of you guys could benefit from it. So, Here we Go!

My goal was to capture every aspect of a movie production from actors, directors to even composers. And leveraging the power of sets and relations now I could display and filter my database to my liking! And of course each of these objects have links to their respective social media and websites.


Wow, way more indepth than mine. Great level of detail although having the miniature view (grid, the movies base) would make it annoying for me to scroll through.

I made mine more focused on a review part of the film, less detail. Some screenshots attached:


It looks really nice!
I can think it need a lot of work to create.
Thanks for sharing the idea.


@dzlg that’s one helluva of a database, thanks for sharing it!

@Draverros yours is also great, very functional.


It looks really nice, and good choice of content haha
I was wondering, those colorful blocks are text blocks or something else?


I’m pretty sure that they are callouts that have the color changed on them with different icons. You can create them from the / menu!


Oh nice, I never used these but they look really good.

thanks :blush:. I like yours too and as you said it’s more focused on the review part. to be honest I haven’t wrapped my head around the review format and the level of detail I want to go through for mine :thinking:.

As for the Grid view you mentioned, I chose it more for its aesthetics :sweat_smile:rather than its functionality. That’s why I also have a bird’s eye (list) view for a quick glance.

Good idea, I will copy it from you, having two different views will make it better. Cheers.

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thank you and you’re welcome :blush:. Yeah but to be honest I spent a lot of time comming up with a layout that is aesthetically satisfying for me. After that, I made a template for each object and the process got way faster.

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happy to :blush:I think it’s time that the community start sharing their creations with others ahead of the public release. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe some sort of use case/template marketplace feature is going to be added to Anytype right? If so, I think these use cases could jump start people’s onboarding and speed up their learning curve


Thanks, I appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those blocks are from the “callouts”, I changed their color and used custom icons to be visually different. Also, I linked the web pages of each object to them via the “link” functionality.


Well said

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Very aesthetic use of callouts! :sparkles: I will try that, thank you for the inspiration.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, you wrote Martin instead of Marion Cotillard. :grin:


Thanks :blush:

Oh, my bad :sweat_smile:, good job noticing it :grin:


It’s OK that u use Anytype not like other user. Great product comes from good idea that fixes problem :wink:

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Cool! For the first screens, it seems to me like Must, but after I saw another screenshots, feelings become more insightful that we can use Anytype for anything.

Can u provide some screenshots of the graph view of this Series/Movies database?

You’re right. I went and checked it out. Must has a beautiful UI and not so different that what I’ve tried to create here.

Absolutely! That’s one of the reasons I love Anytype. I think with the further improvement to relations that I think is coming, this database creations would take whole other shapes! Imagine the ability to create a relation called “Oscars” and some sub relations like “year”, “categories”, etc.

Sure Here U go:


Thanks. It looks impressive. A real knowledge base about the movies and series we watch throughout our lives.

I think you have a version of Anytype from the future (test)? If this is indeed the case, then the team is lucky with the “nightly” tester, because the usage is as similar as possible to any user!


Yeah I’m part of the nightly test group. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the last part.