How have you been using the new inline Sets?

Although I’ve been testing Anytype a lot, I’m not yet using it with my real data. This makes it hard to truly experiment with Sets.

I’m curious to know what you guys have been doing with inline sets, ao I can get a better sense of it myself. Even better if you can add screenshots and videos!


I’ve used it mainly to make a Homepage object with many sets on a single page to act as a dashboard. Secondly, I’m using inline sets in templates to add an inline Set with relevant objects in another Object I create on a weekly basis: I cook once a week for the whole week, and I keep track of the recipes for that week using an inline Set that shows recipes linked to the relevant week. I used a Relation for that before but it doesn’t show as nice.

I think I’ll be using inline sets more when I start using Anytype for my meeting notes amd all tasks. I don’t want to use it for work related tasks because it’s still in alpha… But it would be great to have a meeting notes template with an inline Set where you see the actions for that meeting, and where you can immediately add new tasks (actions, decisions, risks, information).


That’s how I partly use the inline sets feature.


Good question, would love to see more use cases! At the moment I’m using it for my journaling page where I can easily see my weekly notes and monthly reflections. As Sambrouwer wrote above, in the future I hope to start using it for meeting notes for work.


I’ve been trying to create something for task and project management with inline swimlanes - but I find it very hard to create tasks from inline sets - if not impossible.

Ideally I could have a Project X, Project X could have 3 teams, each with a kanban. Each kanban would be inline in an overview page - meaning as a manager I can see what each team in each kanban swimlane is working on.

The same could be true for project overviews for multi-area project management and task management with a similar concept.

But right now, I can’t make tasks from inline sets… Though the buttons are there.


Can you please describe the problem? Is it technical one? Did not get it from your description.

One of use cases I use regularly is to add additional data for my set.
For example I have a page with some book related articles and use it as source of inspiration in addition to my books sets.

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I stopped using them because they don’t sync with the Source object which just makes it confusing.


Wdym they don’t sync with the source object?

You know, like when you change the views or the sorting or filter, they don’t sync with the master set.

I know that can be a benefit at times, but for me I would often forget to do my edits in the source set and end up with two different versions.


I agree with this one. Specially considering that the android app doesn’t have inline sets, so when you click you go to the source (that might have different filters).


Oh I use inline sets all the time. This was one of the features that held me back from switching completely to Anytype from Notion.

I have many Projects I’m handling with Anytype. In all the projects I have 2 sections (inline sets):

  • next Tasks
  • meeting Notes

In the “next Tasks” section I have a filtered view on an inline set of my Tasks. The tasks are linked to the project and in each project-view the inline set is filtered to show only the tasks of this project.
The same I do with the meeting notes.

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