Using Anytype as a Movie/TV Show Database

I apologize for the misunderstanding :smiling_face_with_tear:
I’ll try to describe more clearly.

Testing is a process designed to reveal information about the quality of a product relative to the context in which it is to be used. Users with access to the nightly builds, as far as I understand, not only have access to new features, but also have a higher risk of data loss than us alpha testers (my opinion).

And it’s really cool that you use the night versions of Anytype at the most comfortable level — you’ll be able to provide quality feedback and improve Anytype :sunglasses:

Thanks again for creating amazing projects that inspire others! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

thanks for the clarification :blush: Yeah I didn’t have major problem on nightly builds and team has done a fantastic job regarding the stability of the updates; even the Nightly ones!

Thanks for your kind words :blush: I appreciate it.

WOW! Awesome project!

I’m curious how to build links between a set and its every single child, like what you have done in the video (the graph show case).

If I build the graph, I would create a page as a center instead of a set, because I don’t know how to build links for a set and its contents. :rofl:

Thank you :blush:

That’s the result of using inline sets. I use inline sets to show an actors movies/shows and vice versa. So, there’s a customized movie/show set in every actor/director’s page and a list of all the casts in the movie/show’s page.


Impressive setup. Very simular to something I make in my note taking apps but mine is not as indepth as yours.

Is this all the result of manually adding every movie, actor and link (like insta etc). Or do you have some way of automation set up?


Thanks :blush:

hmm, at the moment I’m doing all this manually mainly duo to 2 reasons. first being that I’m waiting on the release of the Anytype’s API later this year before doing any sort of automation. secondly, a lot of this is carefully picked based on my taste ( e.g. the posters, profile pictures and cover images); So, I have to manually select them but I hope I can automate the scores, ratings and other data in the future.


Well that makes it even more impressive then. :wink: Gotta step up my game haha.

I do really love how simular your approach is to my own when it comes to a movie database, including directors, actors and more connected information.

Edit: Btw has a lot of movie posters, logo’s and more art work to pick from. I usually go for the movie thumbs for my images in gallery view, then I have a poster in the page itself (like you do as well).



thanks for introducing it :smiley: I didn’t know about that. I usually get my posters and banners from TMDB but this one has some custom images for the gallery view as you said :+1:


Wow, so beautiful - thanks for sharing! For curiosity, do you use this database just for personal use or is it related to your work/studies in some way?


My pleasure @Charlotte :blush:. And to answer your question, this is just a passion project of mine; and to be honest this is just a minor use case of Anytype for me.

I use Anytype mainly for my physics research, writing notes about different research papers, text books and linking everything together to get a sense of the bigger picture.

For Instance, there I use the inline sets to list all the research papers, lecture notes and text books associated with a particular person. Something like this:


I just want to say that graph is insane!:exploding_head: Great use of anytype.


yeah, I guess it got kinda big :sweat_smile:

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@Angelo Wow! that’s amazing :blush: Thanks for sharing this and thanks for your wonderful product :blue_heart:


Wow, really amazing work! I would like to have something similar to your DB one day
In Notion I have a similar thing running which works amazingly with the help of API. It was created by someone really talented, called Notion Watchlist ( )
I hope after the release of Anytpye’s API you or someone else will create something similar and share it with the community (not only for media, but also for games, books, etc)


thank you :blush:

wow! the automation is amazing there :smiley: I hope we can achieve a similar level of automation here in Anytype after the release of the API.

But one advantage that anytype has over Notion which was also apparent in the video, was that in Notion you can’t define relations which can be filled with other objects/pages; for example you can’t define a relation called actors which is then filled with all the cast & crew which by themselves are objects of their own! That’s what I love about Anytype!

but thanks a lot for sharing this​:blush::+1:

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Yeah, exactly! This Notion watchlist only works like a standalone database, without relations to other databases of actors, directors, distributors, genres and so on, writes all these properties not as relations, but as text, tag or number mostly, which is sad and probably barely even possible in Notion :sweat_smile:
Tho automation by API makes this thing very powerful and convenient to use, simplicity beats functionality for now.
I also hope something like you described will be created in Anytype with the release of API, tho I don’t have an idea for now on how to implement it. Probably parse the info from IMDB about a director, for example, and make it an object with a separate type (human). and if such human was already in my Anytype, then link this object instead of creating a new one…
Anyway, im not a programmer, im sure smart people in Anytype will figure it out :grin:
When they will, it will be an OP solution, much better than most notion’s manual media DBs, and better than this Notion Watchlist!


THIS IS AMAZING. If possible, could u please make a tutorial on how you did this? It’d be a big help

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Thanks :blush: glad you liked it. could you be a little bit more specific? I mean which part of this setup is would you want more information on?

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