🏛 Townhall with our Product Team this THURSDAY, 16 November 18:00 CET

EDIT: Thanks for coming out y’all! Here’s the recording link:
Passcode: 8#^Ni@X!

Hi, Community!

​We’re excited to bring you a massive release in the next few days and, to celebrate it, a special town hall/AMA with our Product Team :sparkles:

We’ll share our philosophy about what gets built and why, plus the big product bets we’re taking this season. We’re eager to answer your questions about the product thinking behind certain features, and ready for your roadmap questions.

Register to join here - Town Hall: Product Team AMA · Zoom · Luma

For those who can’t join us, feel free to drop your questions below - we’ll share a recording after :slight_smile:


That is Awesome!!! It will be amazing to hear from the team again!

If I don’t make it. Please can you provide an update on the Handwritten Notes?
Can you tell us more about what you are thinking about it and is there any possible timeline as to when we could see it built?

Next question: How well does AnyType scale? Can a “Set” handle millions of “Objects” if someone wanted to have that many of them?

One more question:
I need an Encyclopedia/catalog for my media content. I need to be able to sort, search, categorize, tag, and organize media just like you do with “Objects”. All media content has text associated with it anyways so why not use AnyType like a file manager/Encyclopedia/catalog? I would love to have different files in “Sets” as an “Object”. Also, you can have video/audio transcribed to text and video/image recognition to text, etc…
I know you can have media files now in Anytype, but will the experience be more refined for media content like this?

Thank You so much!


Will it be recorded? I will not be able to make it but would love to be able to rewatch it and catch up.


Q1. Talking about philosophy, maybe the community needs some explanations of objects and types :sweat_smile: and how basic concepts set the basic structure of Anytype.

  • Side note: At least that’s what I keep in mind trying to figure out how features and issues would/could (re-)calibrate or work with current system, like my vague attempt/vision to reduce the following issue e.g. I believe there is significance behind naming Anytype with the word type but type is kinda meh and people creates their own relation for type (which I also do) :sweat_smile:

Q2. Perhaps a little early but what would the plan and roadmap for 2024 look like :grin:?

So many good feature requests on the forum that I am looking forward to, clapping to all community members👏.

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As always :slight_smile:

Awesome. I will not be able to attend, but I will definitely watch the recording afterwards. Thank you to everyone involved. Anytype is nearly perfect for me, in all aspects.

Feel free to modify / omit / partially answer any and all of my questions. Whatever you think will be interesting to others, too.

Q2. Perhaps a little early but what would the plan and roadmap for 2024 look like :grin:?

+1. I would be very interested to hear what are your plans (or visions and hopes, if something is not exactly planned yet)

Q1: Could you explain how can the users see what is being worked on currently and will be in the next (pre-)release(s)? That is, if there is actually an official process for this, such as closing GitHub issues, adding tags here at the community forum, some kind of feature-/bug-management system visible to the users, etc. Checking the messages of each commit in the repos is somewhat time-demanding :wink: Especially for each pre-release. I have no official “channel” to quickly see what changed, so I could pay attention to it and see whether it works correctly for me.

Q2: Could you elaborate on what is the current state of various enhancements to relations, and (bidirectional) linking? Just an overview of what are the plans, what is implemented, what do you hope to implement soon, what needs more designing and thinking to be done, etc.?

Q3: What are the current plans for the inbox feature? Could we get some quick overview of the envisioned workflow, UI and UX mockups or similar, if there are any?

Wish you all the best :heart:


So agree :sweat_smile:!

A fairly comprehensive update on feature requests and bugs would be helpful. It’s certainly time-consuming, and often “estimated” but it’s reassuring to know that such and such feature is indeed in progress or even well-considered for the future.
To advocate for my case, I provide an Evernote to Anytype converter, but I can’t implement what doesn’t exist (pending feature requests), and some bugs make the conversion too limited to be feasible. So any visibility of this elements would be welcome :

  • Issue : Importing tags and files (including images) via JSON
  • (FR) Simple table V2
  • (FR) Improved tag management (many different requests to make them fully exploitable)

(Of course, I look forward to having formulas, bi-directional linking, etc :grin:)

Where can I find the recording for this? Thanks.


I’m dropping my question.
Many thanks to the team and the founder of the startup for the chosen development strategy through the values of open source software.

Can a personal knowledge management system become a priority goal when positioning a product on the market? This question is in the context of a new beta feature in Notion, when through AI you can ask questions to your own knowledge Workspace.
In theory, a connection to AI could help secure the next round of funding.

Big thanks to everyone who participated :pray:

Anyone who couldn’t make it, don’t fret, we’ll share the recording here ASAP!


Posted in the original comment :slight_smile:


Thank You!

Thank you for the explanation and all the answers. They are helpful, indeed.

The new December feature looks awesome. Embedded blocks are amazing. And I am very happy with the upcoming easy configuration of local-only option.

I am looking forward to what the future will bring. Have a good one, everyone.


I’ve got a couple general feature questions.

  1. Is there any plan to allow more than 14 objects in a widget? This is severely limiting and seems arbitrary. For example, if I want to create a list, I can only have 14 items in that list. Why is this?
  2. Are there plans to allow for locally-stored data? I would not like to be forced into using a cloud sync service.


  1. I can’t speak to plans, but there’s a feature request: Allow more objects in sidebar widgets

  2. I believe this is coming in this upcoming or following release


I’m writing this to express my gratitude for the Anytype Team.
I found the meeting to be informative and engaging, and I’m excited about the upcoming features in the next releases.

I’m particularly interested in the Calendar View, Web Clipper, Embedded Blocks and Backlinks features, and I found the discussion about the possibility of AI in Anytype to be very insightful.

I regret missing the opportunity to participate in the live chat discussion, and I would have liked to discuss the whiteboard/canvas feature similar to the one in Obsidian.

I hope this timestamped summary will be helpful for those who were unable to attend the entire meeting.

Timestamps |Townhall with the Product Team - Recorded Zoom Meeting | Thu. 16 November 2023 - 18:00 CET

00:00:00 - 00:01:54 — Welcome and Quick Overview for the Upcoming Releases
00:01:55 - 00:04:12 — December Release: Gallery of Experiences, Embedded Blocks, Local only and Self-Hoster Mode, Backlinks MVP, Create Objects from the Widgets, Add to Favorites after Import, Web Clipper
00:04:18 - 00:05:30 — Why we build what we build Introduction
00:05:31 - 00:05:59 — Introduction of the Two Critical Questions Regarding Product Work
00:06:00 - 00:06:59 — Work Process
00:07:00 - 00:08:30 — Discovery and Delivery
00:08:31 - 00:10:49 — Strategic Importance: Current Stage
00:10:50 - 00:12:20 — We Hear You!
00:12:21 - 00:12:51 — “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” with Product Team
00:13:00 - 00:14:55 — AMA: Roadmap/Plan for 2024
00:14:56 - 00:18:20 — AMA: How can the users see what is being worked on currently and will be in the next (pre-)release(s)
00:18:21 - 00:19:25 — AMA: Support for more languages like Arabic RTL
00:19:26 - 00:21:30 — AMA: Know more about the team
00:21:31 - 00:22:10 — AMA: Web Clipper
00:22:11 - 00:22:38 — AMA: How the team handles the releasing of new functions and bug fixing
00:22:39 - 00:25:12 — AMA: Polishing Existing Features vs Introducing New Features
00:25:13 - 00:27:55 — AMA: Why are we prioritizing Multiplayer?
00:27:56 - 00:29:25 — AMA: Approaches for Network Infrastructure of Multiplayer
00:29:26 - 00:30:37 — AMA: Update on Quality of Life changes
00:30:38 - 00:31:36 — AMA: Inbox Update
00:31:37 - 00:32:07 — AMA: How do we donate to Anytype development?
00:32:08 - 00:33:10 — AMA: I really believe in your company; can I offer my time to help?
00:33:14 - 00:34:21 — AMA: Embed Security
00:34:22 - 00:35: 57 — AMA: Multiplayer Group
00:36:00 - 00:37:03 — AMA: Elaborate the current state of various enhancements to Relation and Bi-directional Linking
00:37:04 - 00:37:50 — AMA: Update on Handwritten Notes
00:37:55 - 00:39:00 — AMA: File and Images Update
00:39:01 - 00:44:33 — AMA: Can you show some more prototypes of upcoming features?
00:44:33 - 00:45:22 — AMA: Any plans for improving the search menu?
00:45:23 - 00:46:34 — AMA: Sharing objects between Spaces
00:46:35 - 00:48:29 — AMA: Will Multiplayer add the ability to leave comments in all objects?
00:48:30 - 00:50:00 — AMA: Plans in terms of Merging Sets and Collections
00:50:01 - 00:50:44 — AMA: Another question regarding Embeds
00:50:45 - 00:51:37 — AMA: Plans for Logseq and Anytype syncing
00:51:38 - 00:52:22 — AMA: Multiplayer User Roles
00:52:23 - 00:53:08 — AMA: Data view (related to the question in 00:48:30)
00:53:10 - 00:54:07 — AMA: Searching text in images or PDF
00:54:08 - 00:56:06 — AMA: How the team receive, read, or process feedback whether it’s critical or positive feedback?
00:56:07 - 01:00:07 — AMA: Plans for AI features?
01:00:08 - 01:01:46 — AMA: Blocks for objects?
01:01:47 - 01:02:59 — Goodbyes


I’m sorry to tell you the townhall took place yesterday! But I can provide an answer for your second question; the Anytype team revealed yesterday that the local sync will be implemented in the december update :slight_smile: