🏛 Townhall with our Product Team this THURSDAY, 16 November 18:00 CET

How do I download the new update? My windows app doesn’t have it yet.

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Yeah, it didn’t appear for me on Linux either, so I got it straight from GitHub: Release v0.35.25-beta · anyproto/anytype-ts · GitHub

@MrsBasilEFrankweiler @ccrawford
Public release will be on Monday.

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They shouldn’t say “it’s coming this week” or “it will be out in 24hrs” if the public release is not coming until next week.

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The team said that it’ll either come out later that day or early next week. Also, if you really want the update now, you can just switch to pre-release.


Oh, update on Monday! Can’t wait!
I’ve seen @Angelo’s post, the town hall is not yet available to watch, but do we have release notes or something to know what will be in the update?

Thanks a lot!

Check the first post of this thread again. Charlotte already updated the original link to the recording link. Enjoy.

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Oh hey! That’s great, thanks!

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Hey, you’re right, we found out on Friday (day after the town hall) that the release would in fact not happen until this week. Should have updated here, thanks for pointing it out. Fingers crossed we’ll be sharing a full update on the release very soon.


Will the next update include a calendar integration?


It has Calendar as a view option in Sets and Collections.


Is the plan still to release the update today? Just wondering if I should download from GH or not. Thanks!

No worries! An update next time would be nice just so we aren’t waiting for it. Can’t wait to test it out!

You actually don’t have to download it from GitHub. From the top menu in Anytype, you can switch your version to Pre-release. It’s important to note that pre-release isn’t the final stable and polished version. If a feature hasn’t been moved to a released version, it’s likely a prototype with potential problems. Currently, there’s no official support for these issues, so it’s a bit of an “at your own risk” situation, and we don’t recommend it for the average user.

Our developers ask us not to set a specific release day because they’re committed to delivering a polished product, and aren’t fond of shipping anything half-baked. To phrase it in the rather open-ended yet unambiguous words of my Dad, “it’s done when it’s done”.


Great to know, thanks! I wasn’t aware of the ability to switch to pre release directly from the app.

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Oh thats great, so How? I do not have that option on my set collections?

@SrvtoftheKing it’s a Layout configuration under the View Settings: