The time value for the "Creation date" relation is always in GMT, regardless of the system's time locale

Describe the bug
When the “Creation date” relation is enabled with the “Include time” option toggled on, the time that is displayed is always in the GMT time zone, not in the system’s time zone.

To Reproduce

  1. Open a Set and toggle on the Relation for Creation Date
  2. Enable the “Include time” option
  3. Create a new Object within the Set and observe the time displayed in the Creation Date relation.

The Object that is visible in the screenshot had just been created right before the screenshot was taken.

Expected behavior
I expected the system’s current time zone to be reflected in the time and date shown in the Creation Date relation, not for it to be in GMT. Otherwise, indicating that the time is in GMT would also be helpful.

System Information:

  • OS: MacOS 12.0
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
  • Anytype Version: 0.21.1

@edwards Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

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Quite simple to see. The time within the application is wrong and I can’t find a setting to change it. This is seen in the Last modified, Last created, Last opened dates. Also an additional bug is when I open an object and don’t change anything. When I go back to the set it still updates the Last modified type.

This is seen on Desktop running on Windows 10 with anytype 0.24.0

As you can see below. The system time is 4:59PM and the anytype time is 8:59PM

Hello there and thank you for posting here. It appears as if the issue that you’ve posted is a duplicate of both The time value for the "Creation date" relation is always in GMT, regardless of the system's time locale and Time Zone Selection .

The timezones functionality isn’t yet implemented unfortunately. Do you want to merge those posts together?

yes that’s the same issue. There is a second part where the objects modify date is updated by simply opening it. I think that’s a bug.

Posting this here to make sure that it is known. You don’t have to store dates/times in the user’s time zone. You can store in UTC or whatever standard you want, but display datetimes in the current user’s timezone. Selecting datetimes are selected via the current user’s timezone but converted to UTC (or whatever you choose to store times in) when it gets stored.

The benefit of doing this is that you will always get correct times no matter if the user changes timezones from moving or travel, or if you’re collaborating with people in different time zones (once collab has been added), etc. It’d also be more future-proof if, for example, a country completely gets rid of daylight savings or an area changes time zones, or whatever.

This is also much less complicated than storing timezone info in all datetime fields - although you could still do this if you want as long as they always get converted to user’s timezone on display, I guess, but there’s not much benefit imo when you can instead do the above.

Here is a similar issue I made on this:


What it says on the tin. How do I set the time zone for the app? It appears the app thinks I am +11, when I am -8. All of my objects with a relation date of today changed to ‘Tomorrow’ at 7pm local time.

(I have already double checked that my system time and time zone is correct and set to automatic in Windows settings)

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This “bug” has been fixed on the latest Desktop 0.27.0. However, I believe we should confirm that this is the same for Android and iOS before marking this as solved.

Update: Android supports adjusting time zone to the device, but iOS doesn’t appear to support displaying time. Will mark as solved, as feature parity is planned.


In the Desktop version, this problem persists. Whenever I add a due date using the date picker, the time always gets set to 12.00AM. But with Android, the Anytype uses the user’s timezone.

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Thanks @Karthik,

Have updated the issue. Dev team has requested a screen recording please :pray:

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Sure thing. :blush:

If I make the same object on my Android device, I get the exact date and time.

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