Date fields and Timezones

Describe the bug
It seems the Creation date column in this image is using the wrong timezone or something to determine whether it’s “yesterday” or not… As you can see in the bottom right, it’s still the same day, Feb. 11, for me atm

To Reproduce
Any date field with a date on the same day will say “Yesterday” a few hours before the day has actually changed for me. It seems like this might be some timezone issue. My timezone is CST (America/Chicago).

Expected behavior
In the image provided, it should say “Today” since the current time was 10:18, and then it should switch over to “Yesterday” at 12:00 AM.

Also, a simple solution for the storage of datetimes is to store them in just one timezone, usually UTC, and then when it’s displayed it gets converted to the user’s timezone. And when you create things, or a user selects a date, that gets converted over to the storage timezone (like UTC). This way dates are correct for every user, and you don’t have collab problems with different stored dates being in different timezones.

System Information:

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Eluktronics Matrix RP-17
  • Anytype Version: 0.23.5

Additional context

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To give more context, the day has switched over and it correctly still shows “Yesterday”, as shown in the image below. This is just to make sure I show that the creation date was in fact Feb. 11.

Although… I thought I created this Habit Track about 6 hours before 9:12 AM… That must also mean it’s either storing the time in a different timezone and then trying to convert it to my timezone, or it’s displaying in a different timezone (I think the latter is probably more likely, because of it saying “yesterday” when my date hasn’t changed yet).