Some useful UI/UX suggestions

Hello Anytype team, I am very happy to participate in your product testing program in the past few days. Anytype is a great product and its speed is so damn impressive, but it still need some improves in the UI/UX design.

  • Vertical Tabs and Tab groups

These features are already included in some Web Browsers and have become very useful to my workflow. Therefore, I think any note taking app, like Anytype, should add these two features to support multitasking.

  • Focus mode

I think Anytype should be put into Focus mode. The more features it has, the more distracting the user is. So Focus mode can eliminate all distracting features on the screen, so users can simply focus on the note that appears on the screen.

  • Improved Action button and the line adding button (+)

Finally, I think the Action button should be clearer, and the line adding button should be static and appear fixed at the same line I’m writing.

Please consider my UI/UX suggestions and keep perfecting your great product.


These are some great ideas! But I think it is easier for the developers if you suggest one feature per topic. So just consider that in the future.

Just to be sure I understand, you are suggesting tabs for Pages, correct? So you would be able to have multiple pages open at once, organized in tabs like a web browser?

What would make the “action button” clearer for you? It is currently using a design that is pretty similar to many other block-based tools like Notion, ClickUp, etc.

And are you suggesting that the “block add” button ( + ) should not appear where the mouse moves? Or am I misunderstanding?

@Oshyan I think he suggest something similar to style tabs. I think Multi window support before tabs would be logical.


@Srinath not going to lie but the UI of is better than Notion, on comparing the features that are similar.


@div3xi I’m even tempted to go full on craft because of their approach design and usability which is rarity. I think anytype team should see their way of selecting multiple block which is superbly more convenient.

@Srinath Oh, interesting. I haven’t had a chance to test Craft yet because it was Mac-only until recently. But I do have access to the web beta now so I’ll give it a try! Not sure if it will replicate the desktop version tab behavior though, so if not I will look into that as well.

@Oshyan Thank you, I will post these in separate thread later.

@Oshyan you should definitely try it too. It’s like notion and things 3 combined. Animation, design, functionality and usage is just simply pleasant. I don’t like database as in notion because of slowness, but except that craft is doing a great job. Wish they are cross platform, if it truly becomes like that people should move to it. That’s my frank thought period.


Hey @tled201,

Do these request go in the right direction of what you want?

I couln’t find a request for that one. So feel free to create one.

Also no request I could find for that one. Please also create a seperate request for that one, if you like. Maybe ad a simple screenshot/image to make more clear, what you would like.

I will close this, due to the existing requests and no further communication.
Feel free to open requests for features you are still missing.

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