The line adding button should be static and appear fixed at the same line I’ll be writing

I’ve seen this one on this thread, but the OP disappeared after the request so it was closed.

Basically, at this moment the “add line” button appears on any point between a block, although of course you can only place a new line above or below it.

What I’m suggesting is that it should only have two fixed positions. Above and below the block.

I think that it feels a bit “chaotic”, also considering that the button doesn’t move “smoothly” even on a 144hz monitor. So the easiest solution would be showing just 2 positions for it.

That hovering plus bothers me too. Not sure why, since I do think it looks cool. I guess it does add unnecessary cognitive load.

Yeah, I was talking about the plus button. It feels strange

I was thinking about the same stuff yesterday - I will discuss it with design department