Red Should Be Red / Allow Custom Colors


This has been bothering me for years. Why isn’t the red text color red but orange?

Color namer says:


Red is somewhere between hue 0 and 14 and there is a separate orange(something like #ff6a00)color.


Setting custom colors would be a nice, pretty basic, feature as well.


Affects all versions.

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I think colors need to be more enhanced and unified on Anytype.

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Thank you sharing!

We made the decision to pitch the hues slightly to align with our overarching color and design scheme.

If you’re not a fan or have something in mind, I will change this to a feature request where you can elaborate for our product and design teams to consider.

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I understand that, but functionality should really come first in the core text editor.
I’m fine with it not being 255-0-0, but maybe not shift it by a “whole color”?

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I understand the team’s decision to want to maintain a graphical touch.
But I admit that a bit more flexibility would be nice too (pehaps more with a plugin?).

To illustrate, here’s an Evernote note in Evernote and then imported into Anytype (the conversion tool retrieves the closest color). When source has white texte and a “dark” background color, Anytype cannot produce something similar


The following should do the work.

Right now colors in dark mode look too dull, especially the ones for the text background.

I was hoping we could have custom colours. Ability to add colours instead of default ones or at least changing their shades to our liking.

Also having option to choose default colours for headings and other stuff would be great so every time I create a new heading it uses the default colour.

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This is 100% needed but I guess right now Anytype team is focusing on core functionality + more technical development rather than the final touches of already implemented features.

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UI Themes are scheduled for early next year. I’m guessing that this would somewhat solve your problem.

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Similar request here:

Orange also looks more brown in mobile, which I love, actually. (It’s just strange because it’s orange in desktop. It could be two different colors.) I feel like the colors there are easier on the eyes and generally looks better together when you use a lot of colors in one layout. (I’m on Light Mode.)

Not only are additional colors necessary, but for the longest time, I’ve wanted to use text colors as background colors and background colors as text colors to create colorful buttons.

Quoting an old comment of mine where I talked about the importance of custom colors for the upcoming Calendar View:

Also related: Black needs to be black and not “default”, so you can assign the color when the default is something else. (Example: black texts on a red callout. I know there’s a specific FR for this but I can’t find it.)

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To me, the shade of yellow used is almost unreadable in light mode.