Playing Around with UI

Been using Anytype for last two weeks and here’s my feedback.
i like the concept and everything around it, some patched bugs just reappear from nowhere, the typing + lack of some features makes it harder to use the app, the graph is nice.
For the UI, its awesome and i like it. I did some changes for the desktop version, i still like the default dark mode, i just feel more comfortable with this.
the topbar icons color doesn’t match the ui color on the default dark mode.
zooming out has to be a thing, its hard to deal with large paragraphs and a huge scrollbar width.
and yeah that’s it, excited for the Inline Sets & Normal Tables.
Thanks for your time!


One of the c

For me this is almost critical as it can be. Not being able to view more of the document feels cramped and limiting.

Please look into adding some ability to control zoom.


@Raphal thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!

Could you explain which icons you are referring to?

Linking some relevant topics:

Zooming in and out on a page/scale page up and down:

So am I! That is going to improve my life with Anytype bigtime!


i was referring to the difference of color between the settings icon and the other icons but especially the navigation bar.
i think that the zooming in and out would be useful in the alpha.
for the other changes i don’t think that they’re necessary.

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Thanks for the clarification! There are quite some improvements to be made regarding UI uniformity (see also Menus on mobile should be made uniform - Feature Requests - Anytype Community) and I think tackling this in this early stage prevents a huge pile of work later on when there are many icons and menu’s to check. Having some kind of UI framework (not on a technical level but a UI/UX level) with building blocks is key in that effort.

Just to double check regarding zooming: would you prefer zooming (everything on the page becomes larger including distances) or scaling (content like text becomes larger but the relative distance becomes smaller)?


Actually i changed the zoom settings to 0.8 (img0 as reference) for more than 2 months now and it’s been good and comfortable, didn’t feel like changing it as I think it’s perfect.

I’d prefer zooming as an option in the settings menu and probably a scaling option using a keyboard shortcut like "CTRL + - " for Windows, scaling option might be a good feature for laptop/tablet/mobile users.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! Clear to me :slight_smile:

Feel free to upvote the already linked topic for zooming, and see the topic linked below for a FR for scaling:

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Are you implying that zooming in works? I couldn’t find a way to zoom at all on Linux.

@dandv I’m not able to zoom or scale (in or out) on Windows, so that makes two of us! Good to see you are tagging along in the other topics :slight_smile:

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@Raphal I’m closing this topic as I think your feedback/requests will be pursued in the linked topics regarding scaling and zooming. You can send me a message if you’d prefer to keep the topic open.