Menus on mobile should be made uniform

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There are multiple “kinds” and styles of menus in Anytype for Android (0.6.1) that require slightly different navigation and have a different look and feel. See below for my overview of different menus on Android.

Describe the solution you’d like
Having a uniform menu structure and look & feel makes it easier to remember and recognize how you should interact with (parts of) certain menus.

I see these distinct memu icon categories that should either be all equal in style, or at least equal to the other icons in the same category:

  • Object type icons (either default Anytype object type icons or custom icons for custom Object types)
  • Object icons (default icons/emojis or custom icon)
  • Data type icons (Relation data type)
  • General menu options (library, search, add, remove, edit, duplicate, move, etc.). I would suggest to use the same style and icon set as for Data type icons.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Additional context

Bottom sheet menus

Bottom sheet with [Icon] [Menu item name with or without subtitle] [Navigation arrow]

  1. Example 1: the new settings menu in 0.6.1). Note the missing subtitle compared to style 2.

  2. Example 2: Ellipsis object menu (top right of the screen) where a bottom menu bar is combined with a bottom sheet menu. Note the difference in icon style and size compared to example 1.

  3. Example 3: Slash menu. Different icon style compared to example 1. Different “navigation arrow” compared to example 1 and 2.

  4. Example 4: “Add Relations” menu. Note the “Back” button that is not present in any other menu where “swipe down to dismiss” or “tap above to dismiss” navigation is used.

  5. Example 5: “Find Relation” menu. Another style of icons.

  6. Example 6: Select data type when creating Relation from scratch. Style is similar to example 5 but layout/margins are different.

  7. Example 7: Difference between bottom sheets where the user can type vs select input. I can see that for texf input pressing the return key is sufficient to confirm input, but having the same “workflow” for entering input is better IMHO (so always show a Confirm/Submit/Add to list/Done button at the bottom of the sheet, where maybe pressing the return key has the same effect as pressing the button).

Multi-row menu

“Cards” for each option, ellipsis for overflow

  1. Example 1: “Block style” menu. Completely different menu style, although it fits its purpose IMHO.

Bottom bar menu

Row of icons for quick actions, with or without a name underneath the icon

  1. Example 1: Android quick action menu

  2. Example 2: “Change object type” menu

  3. Example 3: Block action menu (note difference in icon style compared to item 2 above)

  4. Example 4: Ellipsis object menu (top right of the screen) where a bottom menu bar is combined with a bottom sheet menu.

“Other” menus

  1. Example 1: Home page/dashboard action icons. Yet another style (round background instead of square with rounded corners)

Same on iOS, please :+1:t2:

Edit: @sambouwer: Would it make sense to make this request “mobile” instead of “android”?


Still valid!