Enabling zooming in/out via keyboard shortcuts and trackpad pinch-to-zoom

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This feature request is not necessarily related to a problem, but the inability to zoom in using keyboard shortcuts or pinch-to-zoom affects the usability of the app, especially when trying to zoom into an image containing small text or trying to fit more content on the screen.

Describe the solution you’d like
I’d like pinch-to-zoom using trackpad gestures (such as in major desktop browsers such as Safari and Firefox), along with being able to scale up/down the page by using keyboard shortcuts, such as Cmd [+/-] to be enabled in Anytype.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There isn’t really an alternative, although it may be useful to note that images can be zoomed in on the mobile apps with pinch-to-zoom.


I use the 27 April v0.25.4 AppImage on Ubuntu 20, and there seems to be no way to zoom or scale at all.

The Window → Zoom menu does nothing. Ctrl+Mouse wheel does nothing.

On my 4k laptop screen, the default font size is way too small.

I have the same problem that on a large display with high resolution, the text is too small to read for me. A simple zoom feature cmd + +/- as known in many other apps would be highly appreciated!


Yes, probably! Also please add double click with two finger for MacOS to fit width.

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Zooming via cmd plus will be shipped in the next release


Ctrl + mouse wheel for Linux/Windows?

Ctrl + +/- for adjusting zoom level will soon be there when bugs are fixed related to it. But not sure about scrolling. @dandv

This feature has been implemented as of Desktop 0.28.0 – although trackpad pinch-to-zoom isn’t implemented as requested, I understand why that hasn’t been added; it would make the app less congruent.