New update is broken or feature removed - creating new note in a note using @

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I used to be able to create a new note/object while I’m typing inside a note/object. Now, I can do that only if I don’t use a space in the title. Check how to reproduce section for details…


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  1. For example I’m typing something inside an existing note.
  2. Whenever I want to create a new note while inside an existing note, I will just type “@Check this article from” (no quotes) and I will have a pop-up window with the option to create a new object from this.
  3. Now, I will only get that option if I don’t put a space, for example, I will have the option to create a new object if I type “@Checkthisarticlefrom” (no quotes). The moment I put a space between “Check” and “this” the small pop-up window disappears.


Please fix/bring back this feature. We should be able to create a new note/object while typing, and get to it later. This is a real deal breaker


  • OS:
    :pencil2: macOS Ventura 13.1
  • Device:
    :pencil2: MacBook Pro M1 Pro
  • Anytype Version:
    :pencil2:ᅟ 0.30.0

BTW, line divider markdown (—) is also not working (dotted divider works) :frowning: who knows what else is broken in this release

:frowning: “/tag” on a new note doesn’t work too. This relation can be added manually through gazillion of clicks.


  • Restarting the app (killed) and my computer - same result
  • Uninstalled the app, fully deleted the working directory, fresh install, and then let it download - same results
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Hi @edwin, thanks for taking the time to write this bug report.

To summarize your post: you can create inline Objects with @-mentions, but only if there is no space in the text after the @?

If so, please check-out this topic as I believe your topic is a duplicate of that discussion:

Spaces after “@” when creating new objects - Bug Reports - Anytype Community

If you agree, we can close your topic and we can continue the discussion in the linked topic.

PS: could you please edit your post and remove the Bug Report instructions and pencil icons? :pencil2:

Please stick to one bug report to keep things organized :slight_smile:

I think you are experiencing this bug:

I’m not sure if it was ever the case that you could always add a tag this way. The “Tag” relation is just a relation like any other so you can indeed add it to an Object using /relations > + New relation > Tag (indeed, quite some clicks). You can upvote this feature request as it is requesting a simplified way to add (inline) relations (not just for Tags):

I’ve been using it for long @sambouwer that’s why I know it used to work. I used to be able to use /tag to add the Tag relation in a new note/object (granted that it creates its own block inline).

Now what happens is - I need to add Tag relation up top first, then I can use /tag to add a Tag block inline, or I can do what you said which needs gazillion clicks :frowning:

My hunch is - the devs removed the pre-added Tag relation from all objects (no way for me to verify now). May I please request an installer of old version (0.29.x) ? There are so many bugs in this release it broke my workflow.

Bugs that I haven’t put in yet:

  1. Contents in an inline table gets screwed up after typing them (sometimes the space, line space, format, etc disappears)
  2. Applying format on the contents of a Table is hit or miss (like background sometimes don’t work, Shift+Enter doesn’t work; all of these can be replicated)
  3. Sometimes you can (without issue) and sometimes you cannot delete an object within a table
  4. Occasionally, the App quickly refreshes while typing it undo the last edit