My Anytype setup for fans of environment/bg art (incl. resource links)

Hey guys, I fell in love more with Anytype after customizing it :joy:
I’m a huge fan of environments/bg art hence the design choices.

At this point I’m still thinking of what to add. Maybe gratitude journals, artlogs and a page with all my social media links. We’ll see XD

3d icons:

Here’s the inside of Inspirations :heart:

I can easy to follow my favorite artstyles and artists now. It is also pretty to scroll through it :joy:

Compare that to just hoarding links in discord :skull:. There’s just so much text clutter there.

Thanks for the align center text :heart:


Love your setup :grinning: Especially the icons :heart:


Thank you lynx!
I’m so happy to use it HAHAHA. It’s so easy to feel excited even though its not yet out in the public… :joy:

(Thanks to the devs and community too :eyes:)


That is a very good one.