Picture thread: Sets, Relations, Types, and Templates

@allie thanks for reporting - we will fix it

@manu like how you use different templates for the same type

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@Tanzeel098 What does your YouTube set look like?

@ivantillett very basic

just name, tag , URL

in the page i just paste url, take some basic notes

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@Tanzeel098 Nice

A random wallpaper from unsplash, icons from icon8 and the ‘idea’ for filming is copied from an youtuber, Niklas Christl with his notion workflow. But i haven’t figured out on how i could add another database in the film itself.


@natrius Template looks awesome !

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@natrius we are working on in-line sets. would love to see the updated template when we add them. looks awesome!


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@natrius How did you get that layout with the Checklist and Content?

@endac How do you get a layout like this? Is there anyway we can share templates or types?

@cryptojoe You can just drag&drop one thing besides the other one. And, no, its not yet possible to share templates or types.


This is cool! I like how the fields show up from the single page and can be viewed with all your runs on one page. Letting you compare them. Im going to see if I can figure out how to make that for myself. :slight_smile:

@natrius I guess I am missing how to get columns.

@cryptojoe getting the columns to “trigger” is a bit awkward, but since I am coming from Notion it is very similar. You need to drag the block you want in an adjacent column waaaay over the right and then it will snap into a column. It will show a vertical bar once you drag far enough to the right.

Hopefully the screenshots will come through, below.

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@davidcarns Ok. I finally got it to work on my Mac. I did have to restart the app, then I could drag and drop. Thanks for that, I was losing my MIND!

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I have been keeping track of cycling trips and stats:


Thanks for the idea. I now have a bookmarks set as well :smile:

Also added a new view for my tasks set

Few more images of my other sets & pages


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You can all create your own, separate topics for your Anytype shares now! Just go to the Showcase category and start a topic. :sparkles: :blush: