Local Graph View


As is stands after the 0.29 update, we only have a main graph view showcasing all the objects in the Anytype. I suggest the addition of a feature called “local graph view” present in applications like Obsidian and Logseq


I recommend two way of going about it. I believe the 1st one is pretty straight forward and can be implemented pretty easily.

  1. When the user is in graph view, upon selecting an object a side menu pops up allowing the user to open the object but that’s the extent of the current graph view. it would be way more useful if an object is selected, only its relations and backlinks be highlighted and all other unrelated and unlinked objects fade away and step out of focus.

  2. The second method needs the introduction of an additional side bar. Imagine having the ability to add a sidebar to the left side of the screen with the ability to show only the local graph view and possibly the main graph view live. For the local graph, it can dynamically change upon moving from on object to the other showcasing only all of its relations and backlinks to the other ones.


It could be massively useful when you want to see the bigger picture for your object and how it relates to the other objects.


I think if it can’t be done through the second method, the first one can be an easier alternative menu.


I will post a video showcasing its implementation in Obsidian.


I definitely prefer implementation 1 as it builds upon what’s already working in the graph view with the highlighting of links to moused-over objects. The highlighting should just stay on when a node is selected and the nodes outside of that 1st order of relations along with extra links could just be dimmed.

Implementation 2 sounds like it could make for nice screenshots but I’m not sure how useful it would be for me in practice. As long as it could be hidden I don’t think it would be too distracting. We already have the navigation panel on the left and history on the right so not sure where an extra widget would slot in without reducing the area for favourites / sets


Well the second implementation which is now a part of obsidian is completely optional. so just like the side bar which you can hide, here I suggest a similar version where it would be optional for users to use.

As for the functionality, you’re right. It definitely makes for an aesthetically pleasing interface for the app but besides that it can have serious value depending on your workflow. For example, in my workflow when i’m taking notes, I’m constantly referencing both my other notes/objects and also various research papers/Text Books that I got inspired from. As my note collection grows, it would be pretty easily to get lost and this kind of local graph view would significantly help me see the bigger picture and how my notes, research papers, textbooks and generally speaking different topics are connected to each other.


Local graph would be a great feature to have. The utility of the global graph diminishes as it gets larger and larger (especially without flexible filters), but local graphs are easier to work with. The ‘navigation’ view is great, but local graphs would take this to the next level, in my opinion.


+1 makes the graph view much more useful


Welcome Nikhil,
Absolutely agree, the overview is a novel effect in and of itself but at some point a busy graph is an information overload from which no meaningful connections can be drawn. I hope we’ll implement a means to make the graph customizable yet still capable of revealing insightful information that may not occur to us to look for.


Are there any updates on this, or any idea when can we expect this?