Journal Type - Can have a daily journal or multiple journals


AnyType is really well suited for daily journaling. It would be great to have some native support for journaling. This will go hand in hand with a calendar type integration - similar to how amplenote uses calendars and allows dragging tasks into the calendar at specifics times (which should be impemented in anynote)

A journal type that has subtype of “journal entry”
The journal entry allows the user to create any journaling template they like - would be awesome to have shareable templates that can be shared across the community.

A Journal would simply be a collection of journal entries. I could have separate journals - one for therapy worksheets, one for daily rambling, and etc etc.


Add a journal and journal entry type, and the type of native support that makes that a delightful experience. This goes hand in hand with my Form Objects feature request.


A daily ramblings journal.
A journal for therapy activities
A meditation journal.


I’ve used DayBook for awhile for journaling purposes. but it’s freemium, and making your own templates is locked behind a paywall.


Different execution, but the journal segmentation you’re describing sounds like something that can be achieved by this feature request: Support for grouping in set view

“Journals” as set title, journal categories (daily, meditation, etc.) as group names, journal entries as the regular journal type.

I’ve been wanting to do this, as well. Anytype’s security and linking features seem perfect for journaling. For now, you can try tags or sorting, I guess.

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That’s pretty good thinking. I’m using template name as a custom relation.

This feature request is more asking for built-in types for Journal and Journal Entry, and deeper integration. It’s fine but I think there could be some more delightful user interface for it

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That seems more like a plugin thing tbh.

I’m not sure I agree.

There already exists a “diary entry” and “daily reflection” type. I think those could both be condensed into a parent type of “Journal Entry” and a Journal could just be a set of journal entries. Aside from that, there are additional improvements that can make it compete with full fledged journaling apps. I only see upsides - considering a very loose version is already implemented.

Hi @ShawnSalat
We are going to update Diary Entry types with more up to date templates. We are going to release Collections so you can have collection per diary/journal. Also we are going to improve overall diary/journaling experience. Next step is to introduce the ability to use @Dates in titles for daily note purposes. If you have any concrete ideas on calendar of journaling overall I will be happy to hear.


Awesome! Yeah the dates as a title will be nice. As for concrete ideas, they’re more separate features on their own that journal entries could interact with:

Calendar view: add journal entries to calendar view. View journal entry/sets as a calendar view

Forms: This is fairly separate but would make a huge difference to creating templates. As it stands my templates don’t look very good, and there isn’t a way to alter the view sufficiently.

As you can see here, it looks a bit janky, and this is the best I could do. Form items such as the html elements used in forms would make these templates look much better.

I wanted to some additional ideas:

A journal view: each entry could be displayed like its own page.

I’ve also just created a “daily plan” type and am using to lay out my errands, and some goals for the day. I was thinking it would be awesome to be able to make it a a form. And when you check something off the list, it moves to the bottom under the completed section. The completed section would maintain the layout as the entire note. For example, I have 2 sections to my daily plan. Goals and Errands. So when I click to finish a goal or an errand, it completes but maintains the structure. Also, would be awesome to punt a task to the next day.

Also would be great to auto create an entry daily - this would work really with my my proposal to create a “new object” or at least would build on the same fundamentals. For example, having a link to the current day’s plan inside your main note would be awesome. There isn’t a way to replicate this behavior currently. For some of this stuff, allowing user scripting could unlock a ton of potential