Support for grouping in set view

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I would like to be able to group lines in a set view by a certain relation.

For tasks, for example, it would be useful to see the tasks grouped by project or tag.

Describe the solution you’d like

Add a grouping option to views.


Isn’t this already possible by sorting the set? Or do you need seperators between the groups?


In a certain sense that is possible by sorting the set, but that feels less clean to me. Airtable has a similar grouping feature.


@daanl You can try creating a new view and add a filter to display only the relations matching the criteria. You’d be having the main view with all records and another view with only the records matching the condition


@lynxlove Oh yeah that’s definitely possible as a workaround, thanks. I do think they could be working on something like grouping though, as I incidentally saw it popping up in the Android app.


Grouping in databases (sets) has been added recently to Notion and it totally changed the way I display my database views. In Notion you can group in all the views accept Calendar view and it is game changing.

I hope this feature gets added to Anytype as well!

For example in my Movies database I have a gallery view where I filter to display only superhero movies. Then I group them by movieverse and sort by Name. This creates clear views/groups and is so awesome in my honest opinion.

Same with the sort on Release Date table, where I group on year. It makes viewing databases so much easier. I can also (temporary) hide years so I can see just this years movies (without making new views all the time). It also has some great sorting/filter/display options to take advantage of like hide empty groups.


I guess this feature will be implemented for sure, either in the immediate or in the far future.

The android app already has the group option available but when clicked, shows Coming Soon

There are also images showing how it would look in the website


@HaosGames , Groups add much more, as you can group by certain category and then sort each group according to 1 (or even more, such as in SharePoint Lists Views) criteria.
Thanks, @lynxlove for spotting and sharing the “group” feature in Android.


Ability to create sub-views of every view of a set, for instance if I wanna have a view of 2022 and in that I wanna have sub views of all the months like a view of Jan, etc. And in every sub-view like in Jan I can have 31 objects with every object being a day… This can be very very helpful and can be expanded to many ideas


I have made a thread regarding creation of sub views in views of sets, just wanted to add one more feature request to this, if we have sub views in views and if we can keep on creating sub views of sub views of views and so on, it will essentially act as a dope file manager, with the sub views acting like folders in folders and so on…but if there is a feature to arrange objects in any view as we want( just dragging and dropping from one sub view to other), without any sorts or filters, that would act pretty much as a full fledged file manager system, idk how much practical yall can make the file manager, but this is my idea!


Just seconding this FR. This is what it looks like in Notion.


Is this feature planned for the near future? If no, what’s the reason? It can’t be that hard to implement, right?


Not planned for now. There are a lot of project going on at the moment (Collections, self host, rich set query, import improvements, widgets, graph ux, web clipper, onboarding, and a lot of design and ux polishing before release)
This is basically the reason this one is not a priority at the moment. If this request will receive significant amount of likes, for now it is only 13, we will consider to implement it.
Example of request with a lot of likes we implemented recently: Support for inline creation and display of sets


Out of curiosity, what is “rich set query”? Sounds interesting.

Couldn’t find any mention to it in the forums.


For now you can make a set by type or relation. The idea is to make it richer and let you query by certain tag value for instance


Good to know! That would be very powerful indeed.

Thank you for explaining.


Are then any plans to improve sorting? Sorting tags or statuses sometimes just doesn’t work and we don’t have an option to custom sort them either. They all seem to be sorted by creation date.


Yep, after release we will polish use cases and this is a part of it


After release as in beta release?


Yep. However timing can vary significantly depending on a lot of product factors, you know)