Home screen shortcuts on Mobile

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Not a problem, more like a creature comfort, but stick with me :wink:

Describe the solution you’d like
The option to create a simple widget on the home screen that acts as a shortcut to a user predefined object/set (from now on, just “object”).Just a simple button that opens Anytype on an object which the user would choose when creating the widget.
That way, we can have the most used objects, or the ones we need to have quick access to, at a simple tap from unlocking the phone.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Could also be a notification, though this option would easily clutter a lot of people’s phones IMO, unless something could be done to have multiple “shortcuts” in one notification.

Additional context
I always use the same example, but if we create a tasks list, it would be nice to be able to access it with one tap on the phone’s home screen.
This feature would be used (again, IMO) for the most used objects every one has, or some others that need to be opened ASAP, as a specific Note to jot down any flying ideas.
I’d love to see if anyone else would find this useful or if it’s just me :smiley: and any alternatives proposed!

Also, I never used iOS, so I’m not sure this would be feasible for Apple users. For now I’ll add the tag, and if someone could clarify if this makes sense for iOS, I’ll be thankful. If iOS doesn’t work like that, I’ll make sure to remove the tag to avoid confusion, or add some context.


Home screen shortcuts as in widgets?

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I promise, I looked on the forum for something similar haha.
Though my suggestion is to add something a bit simpler, so it could be implemented sooner, which is basically a shortcut as in Windows/Linux/MacOS. Just a simple button that opens Anytype on an object which the user would choose when creating the widget.
Feel free to add something like that if you want in your post and I’ll mark it as a solution.
Love your idea, I was just thinking on something easier to implement, to avoid distracting the team. Like an alpha for the widgets haha.
Thanks, @lynxlove !

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I just realized I wasn’t really clear in the explanation of the post.
I’ll edit it.