Widgets for Mobile Devices

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

It would be great have widget support in AnyType for both android and iOS devices. Having a widget makes it easier to quickly add a page to capture an idea or to quickly open a favorite page

Describe the solution you’d like

A basic widget which lists the favorited pages in the homescreen along with an option to create a new page.

Something like this from Notion:


But Anytype can go the extra mile and do something much more with widgets :grinning: What notion or any other app lacks is the type qualification for pages which makes them only possibly to list pages in the widgets. But since Anytype knows what type each page is of, we can create specific widgets for special types such as Tasks which lists the tasks as a widget, something like this:

Of course the widget should be limited to the standard Anytype type Task since we cannot know if a users type is a task or not.

I guess it should also be possible to provide a calender widget which lists one of the calender from all the available calender views too :smiley:


widgets for tasks and calender as you show certainly are one of the main boosters for me to have anytype integrated more into life.


One more argument for the importance of widgets is the time it takes to load Anytype.

I figure loading time will decrease with further development, but since it’s not a single-purpose app, we shouldn’t expect it to ever be snappy enough for quickly capturing stuff.


Beeing able to have Shortcuts on the Homescreen to Pages would be a helpfull beginning towards full widgets for me. (Just saw a Thread about it: Home screen shortcuts on Mobile)

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Yup, that’s why i created that request, it would be easier (hence faster) to implement, though with a more limited approach… But I think it would be really useful.