Basic editor experience. Help needed!

Keyboard accessibility (Pictures)

I have a problem with not being able to access everything using keyboard. I think it is a good UX principle to be able to do that. For example, when I use the “/” sign to open up the commands pop-up menu, I can select everything using keyboard, but when I choose ‘Picture’ the message (placeholder) that comes up (“Paste a link or Upload a picture”) is no longer accessible via keyboard. I don’t understand why. I should be able to use the standard Tab key to jump to the “Upload a picture” link.


ToggledHeaders: H1, H2, H3. For me, this is essential for properly formatting a page or a document. Right now we can only use unformatted toggles. The best we can do is bold them but putting them in header format would be great too.


Some of the reasons why I don’t use Anytype for writing (even though I’d like to):

Improving Table is a must indeed… I am not using it in the current state…

  • No ability to make different lines , bullet points, etc. inside
  • Inability to distribute columns or rows
  • Defining background colours is very cumbersome…

Allow us to make images just, simple, decoration… in other word not clickable :

Improve text display : Justify text + more colours (text & backgrounds) + Copy / Paste format.

I am desperate to see styles to be implemented (like Anton was sharing to be working on) : Life needs colour ! Let's add some contrast to Anytype's text! - #3 by GuipeL

Hello Anton,
I don’t know if your message applies to the android app also.
I’m unable to edit the time of a date relation in the app. I can set the date but not the time.

Thank you!

Ability to Display Tags by Colour, then Alphabetical Order … or just alphabetical order…

The current situation is a mess honestly :

Ability to see all Tags in a page header when your mouse hovers them :

From this :

To this :

Be able to choose to change the Look & Feel of Relations when inserted in a page :

Currently, all I can do is to display the field AND its label @ I am not able to change the field colour or text size (:nauseated_face:)
Example :

I would like to be able to chose if I want the label to be displayed OR NOT & I would LOOOVE to be able to modify the look of the field text. (:drooling_face:)
Example :

Display Collections & Sets like real tables
Only then, together with the request above, would we be able to really make interesting content with pages that have relations & recap tables on another page within a Set !

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I have an FR about Appearance for Relations, though it doesn’t include editing the texts itself, only the display options for the labels:

So, there are a looot of comments here. I didn’t read them all, but the things I would like to see improved, seem to have been covered.
The only thing I didn’t see, and it surprises me a lot is a multiple selection for text.
Something like this:
That way, we could format text more quickly.
I don’t want to repeat requests, but I’d like to emphasize something that was previously mentioned: The ability to apply text formatting, and then write with it, instead of having to go back to apply that formatting. This is what most text editors do, and I would guess this is the expected behaviour for most users.
I know there’s markdown, and that (as an example,) adding “**” at the start and end of the text I want to bold achieves the same result, but I’m used to using CTRL+B for that, as that’s what works with pretty much every software that works with text.

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Improve the display of blocks :

  • Easily modifying the padding & margin values : going through the current css stylesheets with devtools is a nightmare for non developers
    ( sometimes, it just doesn’t look right, the space between blocks on a same line is too big )
    ( I don’t understand why the space between separating a line with 2 ‘inline’ blocks is bigger than the space separating lines that have only 1 block )

  • Make it easy to keep inline blocks width constant so that it stays coherent along the page …
    (Either by being able to define the width value of a block in px or by being able to “snap” blocks width… dunno how you would do it…)

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Hi @anton :wave:t3:

The integration of a Table of content / outline navigation on the side would be very helpful. I have linked the feature request from @cmdaltctr , he initiated the whole thing and has already thought about it a lot more. There you will also find a video on possible implementation.

After selecting some lines by drawing a rectangle frame around them, I would like to convert them in a list or to perform other modifications (background color etc.) by using the right mouse key.

It was be nice to have a way to ‘continue numbering’ after a break in numbered item lists.

Without this, later numbered items are either improperly indented or restart at 1


@jkeebu simply press Shift + Enter (instead of only Enter) at the fist line’s end.
The second line will have the same intend as the first one.