Anytype Desktop 0.35.0 Released ✨

Fresh Updates for September

This month’s release addresses a slew of bugs and polishes targeted at the editor, template, and import experiences, which we hope will bring greater ease to your workflows. Our next big release featuring multi-spaces is coming soon, so stay tuned for some big announcements in October!

:gem: Highlights of this Release:

  • Create & Edit Templates from Sets & Collections

Finally, template creation on-the-fly is here! From today’s release onward, you no longer need to visit the Library to create and edit your templates. Using the ‘Show templates’ button in any Set or Collection, you can open, edit, and create new templates for immediate use.

  • Updates to Notion Import

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve fixed many bugs discovered during the import process. We’ve also updated the import instructions and error messages to make it more clear how to troubleshoot in case something goes wrong.

:zap: Quality-of-Life Improvements:

  • Read-only & Restore-from-Bin Enabled for Deleted Objects

You can now open the content of deleted objects in read-only mode. Once opened, you’ll see a banner that allows you to restore the object, without needing to visit the Bin to do so.

  • Edit Object Icons in Mentioned & Linked Objects

It’s now possible to edit the icons of Objects which are referenced via links or mentions in your editor, including checking or unchecking tasks.

  • Link to Website is Now First Option When Adding Links to Text Blocks

To simplify the process of adding web links to text blocks, inputting a URL as a text block link will bring Link to Website to the top of the menu. Thanks, gdbb!

  • Logout Button Added to Profile Settings Sidebar

The profile logout button has been moved to your profile settings sidebar, which means it’ll be visible no matter which page of your profile settings you’re currently using.

  • New Onboarding Use Case Added

Strategic Writing has been added as a use case to the onboarding selection, focusing on collecting, developing, and thoughtfully presenting written ideas in Anytype.

  • Redesign of Set Control Menus

We’ve updated the design of the View settings menu with options for renaming the view and selecting the default template for the set. In addition, current settings can be previewed from the menu including layout, applied filters, and applied sorts.

  • Default Object Type Now Selectable in Collections & Sets-by-Relation

Previously, each new Object created in Collections & Sets-by-Relation required Type selection before proceeding. To make Object creation speedier, you can now define the default Object type for each view in your Collection or Set-by-Relation.

  • Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish added to Desktop Interface

Thanks to the help of our community, our pool of interface languages has grown again! Say hello to Anytype Desktop in :vietnam:Vietnamese, :brazil:Brazilian Portuguese, and :poland:Polish.

  • Checkbox Design & Hover State Unified in All Parts of App

For greater visual consistency, the icon design for checked and unchecked Objects which use Layout: Action has been standardized across the app.

  • Sets Added Back to Type Select Menu when Using Plus Button

Knowing how frequently our community uses Sets, we’ve restored Set as a fixed menu option when creating a new Object from the plus-button.

  • Added Ability to Copy Blocks from Version History

In the case you want to use content from previous Object versions without restoring the version itself, you can now copy-paste blocks from previous versions to your current object.

  • Protobuf Import Renamed to Any-Block; Now Supports Export-Import of JSON Files

In your Space Import and Export menus, the Protobuf option has been replaced with Any-Block, which also supports JSON files. This export option will become the foundation for sharing templates and use cases between Anytype community members—more news to come soon!

  • Removed View Selector for Widgets where Source has Single View

For Sets & Collections that have just a single view, their corresponding widget no longer shows a view selector menu.

  • Position of Toast Notifications Adjusted

To remove conflicts with the navigation panel, toast notifications now appear at the top of your Anytype window.

:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Search palette now correctly displays recently edited objects. Thanks, C.c!
  • Fixed: Caret position no longer jumps when using the editor. Thanks, stujo7!
  • Fixed: When selecting objects as relation value, sort is now applied according to descending values. Thanks, Hoador!
  • Fixed: Several layout problems in print version
  • Fixed: View controllers for Sets & Collections now remain visible regardless of window size. Thanks, raph!
  • Fixed: Note snippets are no longer parsing HTML from code blocks. Thanks, CodeMacLife!
  • Fixed: Copy and deleting relations before they are created is no longer enabled in Objects, Sets & Collections

I seem unable to update on Linux. I click on Anytype > Check for updates, and nothing happens

What is the difference between JSON and Protobuf export? Which is more reliable/complete?

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) represents data as key-value pairs. It’s human-readable, so more easy to read, write, etc. JSON is widely used.
  • protobuf is a binary serialization format (by Google?). More efficient but no human-readable.

For import<->export from/to AT, I suppose Protobuf is the best choice.


Protobuf is by Google, but it’s very malleable and customizable from what I read when looking at the documentation for it. Now, the Anytype refers to this as “Any-Block.”

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Protobuf is a binary protocol, we use our own protocol based on Protobuf, the protocol defines our data structures and this is called Any-Block because the data-structures are not abstract and used by Anytype. We have included an option to use our data structures export as JSON in order to simplify open-source initiatives like use-case gallery and other projects.


Hello everyone!

I have a bug on AnyType running on Windows: when I copy some text with line breaks from another app and paste into a code block, it adds an extra line break for each line! Pasting into a text block works as expected. Here is a screencast:


Hi! I have been looking at the new features, and just realised that, as we can set a default template for every view of a set, we can now filter objects by templet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::star_struck:. Each view of a set shows object created with a different templet.

I can imagine a book review set, where one view is for books with fiction templet, another set view for boks created with non-fiction templet etc👍.

Same for collection, only, 1st choose a default type and then a default templet for a view.

I know this filtering object by templet was a requested feature. It is now possible it seems.

Edit: The limitation to this is that, although we can select a new template for each view of set or collection, this only applies to the new objects that are added. The previously added objects with other templates are not filter out. And deleting them will delete the object from anytype altogether. I wish we were able to filter according to template, as we can set a default template for a view now.

Thanks. You guys are awesome. Good day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I had reported this some time ago, but it seemed that I couldn’t make the problem understandable. I hope your screen cast will help the devs to kill the double line beast :slight_smile:

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Where are the release notes from 0.35.4?

anytype-heart library updated to include the RAM consumption hotfix

i have the same problem.
but change windows text file line break from CRLF to LF, then copy paste to anytype, it works correct.
Maybe, is the problem. I tried version 0.36.0, the problem NOT fixed.

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Can you please make a bug report for this please?