Anytype Desktop 0.31.0 Released 💘

:gift_heart: Happy Valentine’s Day, Anytypers! :gift_heart:

Some people like to give chocolates to celebrate this holiday; we prefer to show affection in the form of a new release :wink:

Throughout the past months, our team’s been researching & designing solutions to our community’s needs to manage several objects at once. As the first in a series of projects addressing this topic, we’re happy to bring you inline sets, which will allow more flexible interaction between sets & objects, allowing you to freely embed the former within the latter.

We hope you’ll enjoy!


  • Inline Sets: We’ve added a new block type - inline set. You can create an inline set using command: /inline.
    Once created, select an existing set as a source, or create a new one. Any changes you make to the inline set query, icon, or name will be synced with the source set. Meanwhile, views will not synced, but copied, which means you can tweak views to your current needs without worrying that your source set will be impacted.

  • Library Redesign: Your control panel for managing types & relations got a facelift in 0.31.0. Descriptions have been removed and buttons have been updated for a lighter, cleaner look & feel.


  • Notion Import via API: Here by popular demand: importing your files directly from Notion to Anytype! The new integration preserves relationships between parent-child pages as links between imported Objects. Follow the instructions from the Settings > Import > Notion > ‘Learn more’ section to set up your integration token and start importing your files to your space.

  • Graph redesign: We’ve re-worked the graph to include Object previews-on-hover, Icons as nodes, and directional arrows. We will continue to expand our graph functionality in the coming few releases, so stay tuned for further updates.

  • Gallery view Playback
    Sets of audio & video files now permit playback from gallery view. Using Page cover in set by Video for example, will make cards playable as well.

  • Profile added to Settings You can now edit your profile name & picture from your account settings. Any changes made there will be immediately synced with your Profile object.

  • Upgrades to recovery phrase panel: Buttons in the ‘Recovery Phrase’ panel of your Settings menu now show ‘Hide’ or ‘Show’, depending on whether the phrase is blurred or not. Thanks, sambouwer!

  • Set Keyboard Shortcuts: Now you can use the Cmd + A keyboard shortcut to select all records in sets. Thanks, gdbb!

  • Set ‘source’ renamed to ‘query’: With widgets on the way, there was one too many ‘sources’ to keep track of. Set sources are now called ‘query’, which we feel is more representative of its function - a live search of all objects which match the criteria.

  • Question-mark menu notification: Instead of seeing a popup window every time you update, new release notes which you haven’t read will be indicated by a notification on the question-mark menu.


  • Electron upgraded to 22.0.0
  • Node update to 16.17.1
  • Lots & lots of code refactoring in preparation for opening our repositories
  • We’ve changed the way we store view changes in sets (atomically instead of whole view model), to optimize for performance in sets & objects containing inline setse


  • Fixed: The ‘Views’ dropdown menu in sets is now working properly. Thanks, isle9!
  • Fixed: Editing text relations is now working properly. Thanks, dzlg!
  • Fixed: The views list in sets is no longer collapsing when sidebar is open
  • Fixed: Object icons in the @mention menu are now displaying correctly
  • Fixed: Divider blocks can now (again) be created by using three dashes. Thanks, philoup!
  • Fixed: Object counter is now working properly when deleting from Bin. Thanks, sambouwer!
  • Fixed: Objects containing ellipses and ranges are now working properly in the @mention menu
  • Fixed: Lines are no longer deleted when using spellcheck. Thanks, f0ca!
  • Fixed: Center & Right align for LaTeX blocks is now working properly. Thanks, uz4a8!

Lovely to see inline sets arrive! And the gallery playback is something I never knew I needed. :clap:

A quick question about the new Notion import: Does this improve on how Notion databases are treated on import? Will Notion properties be translated to Anytype relations on import?
See also Notion Import: Include properties as relations - #4 by mithuncm


The new Graph view is amazing :heart_eyes: and the app is totally looking way better! I’m super excited for the future of Anytype!


Locked/Add/Added icons in library redesign isn’t intuitive. Even in the screenshot, the lock icon is separated from the object.

In my opinion, it was better to outline not only the name of the type/relation and the icon next to it, but also the locked/add/added icon about type/relation.


Love the graph view in this version!


Good job. Graph view is a real upgrade, wow!! :star_struck:
Makes me feel a little dizzy when hovering too fast over many objects, but i guess this just takes some fine tuning.


inline sets look great!

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Fantastic update! I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but it sure feels like Christmas today. :smiley: Thanks for all your effort, Anytype Team!


Welcome, enjoy)


Hopefully there will be a valentine gift for Android users as well


WOW! Just Dance! :dancer: :man_dancing: :dancing_women: :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Cupid’s here with an update for Android: Anytype Android 0.14.0 released


Lots of hard work in this update!

This version of AnyType is not working on my Mac at all. I hope it’s just the infrastructure changes being made and is temporary. I know it will work again!

I love using my AnyType more and more each day!

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Hi, @Jason_Eleazar! Could you create an issue with your problem on forum? We need the screenshots and logs, please. Thank you!

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