Anytype Android 0.14.0 released

Hey, Anytype Community! This month our team introduced inline set blocks, delivered improvements in set performance and UX, and smashed a whole lot of bugs. Stay tuned for some exciting new updates and features in the coming releases!

New Features & Enhancements :rocket:

— Editor | Introduced inline set blocks
Inline sets created on Desktop will appear as inline set blocks in your Android editor. Tap on the block to go straight to your source set, where you can add and manage your Objects.

— Sets | Optimized performance by integrating atomic changes
To improve performance and speed, we implemented atomic changes for filters, sorts, relations, and views.

Design & UX :white_square_button:

  • Editor | Haptic feedback when selecting blocks has been unified across all block types
  • Relations | Introduced more user-friendly layout for selecting status value
  • Sets | A lock icon now appears in grid view next to read-only relations

  • Sets | View settings menu now has correct position on the screen when returning back to an open set
  • Search | Added section ‘recently opened’ in global search, displaying recently opened objects

Fixes & tech :fire_engine:

  • Editor | Line breaks are now rendering correctly in the editor
  • Editor | Webp format is now supported for image blocks
  • Editor | Dismissing move-to dialog when keyboard is open no longer results in a crash
  • Editor | Style panels no longer leak click events to block action panel
  • Editor | Editing of locked (read-only) relations is no longer permitted via featured relations block
  • Editor | Objects are now closed when moved to bin
  • Editor | Block action panel is now hidden after move-to action
  • Sets | Cover and icon are now displaying consistently in Sets
  • Sets | Data ‘source’ has now been renamed to ‘query’ on all platforms
  • Relations | Relation: Status no longer disappears from relations panel when there is no value set
  • Relations | System types are no longer included when selecting Relation-type: Object
  • Search | Fixed padding for last item
  • App | ‘Marketplace’ has been renamed to ‘Library’

Thank you for being part of the alpha program :heart:
— Anytype Team


Thanks! Confused about the inline Sets update.

The screenshot seems to only show a card that links to a Set (rather than the contents of the Set itself). That’s not really an inline set. Or am I mistaken? Below there’s a table, but that’s unrelated.

I’m also curious about what this is. Could you please elaborate?:

Yeah. It’s just a block(?) with link to default set. Not inline set from Anytype Desktop.

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@eugene this one is not yet completely solved in 0.14.0:

I’ll make a bug report today :slight_smile:


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Could anyone from the Antype team confirm that inline sets on Android are just expected to be displayed as links to the source set or is it a bug ?
If this is the expected behaviour for this release, is it something planned to be changed ?

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Hello there and thanks for reaching out! Indeed, inline sets on mobile are not fully-fledged. We’re currently working on introducing Collections as a new type of database, while also preserving our current Sets. When we’re done, time will come to integrate both on mobile - probably as some kind of pop-ups where you can interact with your data without leaving the editor, but we’re not there yet and there is no ETA for this feature, since we’re working on some other ones with higher priority.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: