AnyType app crashes upon login


I tried logging in via QR code with two different anytype accounts and it crashes immediately after login (I don’t have time to do anything before the crash).


I expect it not to crash. I expect it to actually be a useful piece of software.


  • OS:
    Android 9
  • Device:
    Moto g7 play
  • Anytype Version:


I tried re-installing anytype and I also tried creating a brand-new account (on Linux), but the QR-code login crash doesn’t seem like it can be avoided. I’m really surprised noone else has this issue.

Here’s some of the other pieces of the current AnyType Debacle, but none of them is exactly the same platform and symptoms as that described here:


@narvey we had a problem with the certificate cache on our backup node. The issue has been fixed now, can you try again and report back?


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That only helped with the certificate expiration date error.
I still get this immediately after login:


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

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I’m still not able to use the Android app at all, even with the 0.14.0 release, but Don’t Lose Heart!

Remember this post and still keep your chin up :smiley:


Hello there, @Narvey, are you on Telegram? I might be able to get specific build for you and we’ll look into the problem.

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Yes, see PM.

This could be related to the amount of RAM (2GB for the device model listed by OP)

See also Anytype downloads on my Galaxy TabA, when I open anytype the app opens for about 20 seconds then closes

@eugene I’m not seeing anything from you. Do you have a specific build that we could use to test the RAM theory? I’d really like to get this working without buying a new phone (would love to buy Librem 5 USA but don’t have the money).
Please try really hard to get Anytype under 2GB of RAM!

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hey, Narvey, it’s been a while, i am not able to find your message, sorry. Please give me your email adress in PM

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

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