Anytype Desktop 0.23

Happy New Year!

In 2022 we will open Anytype to even more users, allowing everyone to experience our new metaphor for computing. This milestone is, in no small part, thanks to your incredible feedback. Thank you for a tremendous 2021, and we look forward to building Anytype with you in 2022.


We’ve added some simple tooltips in the UI to help new users get started with Anytype, allowing for a more effortless onboarding experience. Click ? → “Show Hints” to go through onboarding at any time.


  • You can limit relation Object to certain object types. Create new relation from scratch → Choose “Object” → Select types from the list. Thanks, @daanl, @qualquertipo and @lynxlove
  • Anytype now runs natively on Apple Silicon, providing better performance to our users with M1 processors. You’ll need to download and install from scratch from to start your :fire::fire::fire: Anytype experience. In-app updates from current version won’t work!
  • You can now embed PDF files and see their content right on the canvas. You can write /PDF or open block menu → Appearance → “Show as embed."
  • The new “Get Started” object appears for new users in Favourites by default.


  • Sometimes clicking from one view to another, the UI was cycling between the two views forever.
  • Improvements in object creating which sometimes took too much time
  • Export to markdown did not include files. Thanks, @hasenrain
  • When pressing close (x), the window went into the system tray instead of quitting. Thanks, @Fantail
  • Tag relation in a Set doesn’t update the name from tag sets.
  • Layout issues when no results are found in the search bar. Thanks, @kEbZeCK
  • When using a relation with the relation type Status, the default colour of objects was invisible in dark mode. Thanks, @Cernel1337
  • When a page is open, and the cursor is in-line, opening the search modal and pressing enter to select a search result, a line break is inserted on the canvas. Thanks, @kEbZeCK
  • While you open the object as a modal, the object’s content behind the modal is selectable and removable. Thanks, @sebro
  • The text typed after pasted a link became part of the link. Thanks, @Corbin
  • If there is no navigation history inside the modal view, you can close it by pressing “back”

The M1 binary for Mac is incredible. Feels like x10 faster. Congratulations.

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Thank you @Vova and Anytype team!


good timing to be onboarding and try out the new version, thanks team!

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The PDF embedding works smooth as butter :ok_hand:

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Thanks a lot to the development team, I would like to ask a question, when will the custom function (deletion) of type and relation be implemented? In my opinion, the realization of this function will give users more degrees of freedom, which is a qualitative leap.


It’s waiting for development and will be done in next few months

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Hi, did you delete the old version first and then run the M1 version? Did all of your notes sync back in?

I did not delete the old version, I just downloaded the new version from and ran that binary. Everything sync’d back in, no problem.

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