Anytype Desktop 0.18.15 released!

Say hello to the new slash menu!

New features & enhancements

  • New slash: a boost for content creation. You can now write / anywhere to change style, make action or create a new block. Simply enter some text to filter your results. The new Style section works with text styles on the current block. The “turn-into” action creates objects from the blocks and no longer works with styles.
  • Every new divider or media block gets selected after creation, so you can continue using the keyboard by pressing enter, up and arrow. Thanks to all who mentioned keyboard experience before in feedback and for writing posts like Ben’s
  • Give feedback now works through the new form with ability to add media.
  • New Description block

Anytype’s first relation. Description is a simple block that contains a short description, and can be used in databases for context extension, filtering, sorting and many more in the future. Please tell us what you think!

  • Entering pin code now open the last opened page, not dashboard

Design & UX

  • Tray icons now have fast options to create New Object, Search Object, Import, Export, Quit and more.
  • Optimised application bar. It shows navigation options constantly. And also refreshed style for macOS Mojave


  • Sync now works under restricted networks through special circuit relay logic. This new concept helps to connect devices between VPN, cellular, WiFi with NAT, and many more. This means fast syncing in more cases. We will continue to improve sync across all network topologies, including LANs.
  • Our core library (libp2p) was updated on the backup server. Now if two devices open a TCP connection to each other at the same time using the same set of ports, they’ll end up with a single TCP connection. Previously, libp2p would treat this as an error and disconnect. The server update itself doesn’t fix this, so you need to install the latest version on your device and bring the syncing consistency back! Thanks to Chris, Martin, Samuel, 3000, Sinesh, Danijel, Alex, Nodoby, Volodymyr, Sven and Oshyan for conversation and sharing diagnostics files
  • Pages could disappear on the dashboard. We fixed the bug with the syncing mechanism logic. Thanks, Martin, Vincer

Fixes & tech

  • You can leave the codeblock by pressing the arrow key at the end of the block

Possibility to dive into a search result by pressing the enter key. Thanks, Björn, Erwin

  • Pasting content into the existing code block could turn it to the text.
  • Sub-menu remained open after closing the main menu in the dashboard.
  • When creating several pages on one could lead to wrong link positioning. New page could be linked with previously created
  • Actions icon disappears when you move the page Thanks, BGray
  • Pasting an image could lead to stuck in “Processing…” Thanks, Vincer, Clouedoc
  • The clickable path in the backup section of the Status page didn’t actually open the File Explorer. Thanks, Céderic
  • When I have the toggle list closed, and I press enter to create a new one, it creates a nested toggle list instead of creating one in the same hierarchy. Thanks, Ary
  • When I try to create a linked page by typing in /link, the text ‘/link’ remains on that line while the linked page I selected is made available in the next line. Thanks, Mathew