Add spellcheck

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

No issue with @anytype, just myself.

Describe the solution you’d like

Basic spellcheck integration. Ability to add words to a personal dictionary (global/page specific).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The alternative would be becoming a better speller, but if I am being honest, I do not see that happening.

Additional context



I think this feature should also be implemented as an add-on.


Hahahaha I agree on this feature but just try :rofl:


@BGray I guess basic spellcheck could be implemented ( like US english ) and for other regions it could be add-on

@Tanzeel098 I don’t think this is a good approach, you either add support for the most used languages or you don’t add any. That’s usually the rule for spell check implementations (we are not talking UI here). Spell check is a already solved problem in CS, there are tons of FOSS libraries well established so adding support for one is in no way more complicated that adding support for 10.


@lucasmmarino Oh I didn’t know that. I am sorry . In that case it should be implemented for all !

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@Tanzeel098 please no worries, I was just giving my two cents :slight_smile:

Yes, spellcheck is absolutely necessary! I had tried to find an offline spellchecker for Windows that would work with the desktop app but had no success :frowning:

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Spellchecking should already be available for Electron apps natively, if the developer wants to implement it. A few other apps, notably Discord, implement spellcheck in a similar way.


Yes please. I’d actually suggest changing the title to read “Multilingual spellcheck”.
So many people are bilingual nowadays, and will be writing content in more than one language.
Its very annoying to need to pick one of the other

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@qualquertipo I disagree. While I do agree this support would be nice to have, it is by no means critical. I see this better placed in another request.

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Makes sense! Will open a new FR

I also feel this is critical and necessary

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Any updates on this request ?

This would be ideally implemented by relying on spellcheck libraries that already exist, like ispell


The absence of spell-checking is baffling, like the inability to zoom, especially given how easy it is to integrate each of these features in an Electron application.

Unfortunately, this is a dealbreaker for me, and I’ll stick with Logseq, which has an option to enable spell checking.


Spellcheck is certainly one of the most important functions of any app that operates with text. I’m very surprised to see that there is no mention of spellchecking in the recent What We’re Working On post.


totally agree, we will add this to our list, thanks.


Both spellcheck and zoom level would be available in release 0.28.0 on 29th of August.


Was implemented in 0.28.0.