Add options to change font size and style

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

On desktop, it’s more of a preference. On Android, it’s frustrating having that small font size and not be able to change it.

Describe the solution you’d like

Like notion, i’d like to have the option to change to different font types like “mono” and “serif”. Also to have the option to change the font sizes.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

No alternatives considered.

Additional context


A problem I’ve had with Notion is that there’s only an option for “Normal” Font and Small Font, but even the Normal is too small for some of my use cases.

I don’t know the practicality of this, but I would love if I could scale it however much I want. A handful of text editing apps I use have this implemented in that if you hold ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel, you can finely tune how much you want it zoomed in or not.

I’m not sure how this would work for the more complicated blocks, as I’m only thinking about pages with just plain text on it, but it’s something I’ve been looking for in a productivity program for a bit. I make YouTube videos, and I’d love to be able to write/read my Voiceovers directly in my database, and being able to increase the font size effortlessly helps when I’m reading it aloud.


@Pretzel Interesting, are you just talking about a “page zoom” though? Or do you actually want to change font size? There is a difference, e.g. a general page zoom would zoom all elements including images.

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@Oshyan That’s an interesting distinction I haven’t thought of. I don’t know that it matters in my use case, where I’m just making text bigger. I can think of good reasons to do both of them, so I’d probably just defer to someone who’d know which was “better” from a UX perspective.

The Notepads app on the Microsoft store is what I had in mind when making that suggestion. You hold ctrl and scroll and it scales the text.

Then again, Notepads just deals with plain text and doesn’t have databases or images like in Anytype. So I really don’t know which would be better from a UX perspective in a complicated app like this.


@Pretzel So what you are referencing there is a “zoom” function as far as I am aware, not actually changing the “font size”. I think having some kind of zoom function would be a great idea. I am less certain that font size choices should be a part of the core system as it starts to get into real “word processor” type of functionality, which is already well addressed by other tools and has high potential for significant “feature creep”. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@Pretzel How would you want the zoom to be implemented is it going to be like a web page where you zoom and the alignment of the images also changes along with the text or should only the text zoom in / out while the images and other content remains at the same place.


@div3xi This is an important question. I do think there is good precedent in how web browsers handle this stuff already though. And since Anytype is based on web tech, it may well be fairly simple just to implement browser-like zooming.

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+1 from me, but I would prefer to change the font size, at least 2 or 3 pre-defined sizes. The zoom option would scale the whole content. Also +1 for changing the font style: serif, non-serif and monospaced

Why not make it possible to create a whole custom CSS-theme? I mean, if its not accounted for when planning the whole app, its probably hard to implement, but this way everybody can change easy whatever part they want and maybe even get another one,

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@natrius true, kindly upvote the following request:


@Oshyan I’ve been experimenting a lot with workflow for adding content in Sets in Grid view (Desktop and Android). One thing I’d like is the ability to control better is how much content can be seen on screen (sometimes prefer to see as much data as possible, even if the font is very tiny).

Not sure exactly what that would be - it’s not just font size, but it’s not just zoom either. Maybe a mix of both (contextual).

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I very much like to have a font size setting for android since the font size in the new update is too big to my liking :upside_down_face:


I’d also love it if a custom TTF font could be used when this feature is implemented - it may satisfy the “aesthetic” TikTok/Pinterest crowd and certain fonts can enhance readability.


The typeface currently used is Inter, and I’m fully satisfied with it, but I must admit that having more choices would be nice, although not essential.

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I think being able to customize the size of the writing is a feature that is both bafflingly absent from a lot of notetaking apps and more of a necessity for accessibility than most people seem to realize sadly, as well as changing fonts. Even just the ability to go from a size 12 to 18 or more would be super in my opinion.


Is there really no way to increase the page zoom globally in the Anytype app? Other Electron apps like Logseq enable this via Ctrl+=, and it seems trivial to implement via the webFrame API’s setZoomFactor method.