Mid-Summer Townhall / Live Q + A (Mon, Jul. 25, 19 CET)

Once again with another question

I recently heard about databases would be different?

  1. What is databases in anytype would look kike?
  2. Will it be different from sets?
  3. If so, what will be the difference? And what are the potential use case
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And another three questions :smile:

  1. How does the team envision collaboration/multiplayer to look like? Can you collaborate on an individual object within a page (say a simple table), share that object id and have others paste it in their anytype instances to make additions etc.?

  2. Will you be able to share browser links (http) to pages in anytype? Would it then be possible to create websites in anytype like in Notion?

  3. Are you planning a notification system for anytype for reminders, tasks, etc.?


Is this feature below (perfectly explained by @Oshyan , and expanded on by me and others) planned?

It’s the only thing that would keep me from using Anytype in my day-to-day notekeeping. I need to be able to easily and quickly fold/unfold and nest block trees, using keyboard shortcuts.


Happy that we’re able to post questions (and get the video recording later) here.

How do you guys plan on tackling these in the call? It’s too many questions to go one by one - you’d end up not addressing most of the questions.

Hopefully there will be some sort if triage to help identify the topics/questions that have the most user engagement (not just here but across forum and discord). That way you don’t risk leaving out topics that are particularly relevant.

I don’t think it should be a goal to answer all the questions. Restarting the town hall sessions is a first step towards more transparency and better (quality AND quantity) communication. For most questions there might not be a straight forward answer, but probably more something like “yes this is a goal, but ETA unknown”, or “we are still evaluating how to best approach this goal/tackle this issue”.

  1. Is there any timeline on Open Sourcing AnyType? I understand that it hasn’t been done to keep development more manageable, which I am happy with, but I personally don’t feel I can commit to AnyType fully as my main note-taking app until it is OS.

  2. Any potential for spell check via LanguageTool?

  3. In Response to some of Valentin’s questions:

  • Is there a potential for canvas block powered by Excalidraw like obsidian has? That perhaps has limited UI in the block itself, but could be full screened within AnyType to the full UI?

  • Is there a potential for using a Nextcloud integration to provide a web instance, creating an AnyType tab within the main Nextcloud instance?


See (comments in) this topic.

There are multiple feature requests on this, see for example:

Looking forward to hearing some news!

I had one question:

Will Anytype at any point expose the interface used to build the trust framework? Said another way, will Anytype allow for alternative trust frameworks to exist within the ecosystem.

I am aware that doing so would be in direct conflict with your business model, however I am curious to hear how you would resolve your commitment to open source and community ownership when it conflicts with your commitment to your shareholders.

For myself, I have yet to find a legitimate use of a distributed ledger that would not be better served by something else, and I am not too keen on the idea of future collaboration tools within Anytype being dependent on a public ledger. Naturally my current understanding of what you plan to do here is limited by the few details that are available and perhaps this is not what you intend to do; so I reserve the right to change my opinion as more details become available.

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Any ETA for the recording?


Either tonight or tomorrow!


Has the recording been uploaded somewhere already? I looked around for a bit and couldn’t find it.


I’m really sorry about the delay on this everyone, I had every intention of sharing the Townhall recording here already. The fact is, we aren’t very Discord savvy and only realized in the minute before starting, that it isn’t possible to record events in Discord. So we had to improvise, our colleague recorded it on his computer with another app. Unfortunately, he went on vacation before we had a chance to retrieve the audio from him. I’m hoping it will come through before, but we may have to wait until next week to get it. We’ll be better prepared for the next one :persevere: :pray:


No worries! Thanks for the update.

I was starting to feel guilty for nagging so much about it :joy:


Glad to know it was recorded! In the future if you run into a known delay like this, I encourage you to let the community know as soon as you discover the issue. That way we don’t end up feeling like this:


Also if you plan to continue using Discord for these Town Halls, you might consider setting up Craig Bot:


Thanks! Though to be clear it’s not a big deal.

Especially since the team quickly posted a summary of the whole thing, which in many ways is much better than a recording. Really appreciated that.


Hate to be that guy but… was this ever shared somewhere?


No worries @qualquertipo, you’re right, some explanation is required here:

It took unexpectedly long to acquire the Town-hall recording but I can now report that I received it a few days ago. Unfortunately it isn’t the best quality and will require some first aid to make it presentable, so I will tend to this and share it here as soon as I can. Thank you for following up.

@Angelo is there a date for a next town hall? :slight_smile:


Haven’t nailed down an exact day but certainly within the next 2-4 weeks.


Go for it, absolutely believe Anytype will succeed!
Become a major note taking software :v: :v: :v:

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