Ability to select object as cover/icon


The Problem
When a user uploads a file to Anytype, an object is created.
If a user has previously uploaded a file to Anytype, and would like to use the same file/object as a cover or icon, they (currently) must reupload the file. If the user has deleted the original file from their device, they must download the Anytype object, and then reupload that file as a cover/icon (which just links back to the original object).

The Solution
An “Objects” option when selecting an icon or cover, with the ability to search for and select already-existing [image] objects:

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Great request! Definitely a +1!

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Thank you! :grin:
This request is a bit different though: rather than having a new Icon type created, I’d prefer for all image objects to be visible — this way, GIFs can be selected as well.