Being able to set an icon in a template

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This will allow to give all objects of one type the same icon. Especially for views like the sidebar this could be useful.

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Very good idea :+1:t2:ㅤㅤㅤㅤ

I hope they can make icon an object type, and then in the icon selection screen instead of emojis you can also pick from your personal icons.


You mean rather than uploading the same one over and over again, that you can reference to an “icon” object?

Yep! So you can reuse the icon, but also make it quicker to select, even outside of a template.


Sounds like a good idea. Please make a feature request for that.

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I agree, this feature request would be a excellent idea.

Since @AyneHancer showed a video in windows where thats possible

Maybe thats a bug report for Linux, not a feature request?

I agree. So who’s willing to write?

That’s what I referred to when I said “You know what you have to do :writing_hand:t2::smile:

Didnt get it. :sweat_smile: Will do.

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Seems to be a bug. So no feature request needed.