A Tool to Import Evernote notes to Anytype


I’m working on a tool to import Evernote note to Anytype.
You can find it here :

Please note :

  • almost all is working (link, color, styles inline, titles, creation date, title of the note, list including todo list, block code with a small automatic language detection function…)
  • a quick gui because it’s more friendly :yum:
  • big except for tags and files (including image) : 2 issues have been posted on Anytype-heart github, I’m waiting for their resolution (it’s functional on the tool side)
  • except table and notebook management (name retrieval and processing of complete notebooks instead of one file per note)
    (between the hope of seeing improved tables in Anytype soon and the lack of import possibilities for tags and images, I must admit I’m a bit lazy at the moment :sweat_smile:)

So actually, it’s for testing purpose.
You can test it and send me your comment :slight_smile: .

PS : And thanks to @mover which prompted me to make it usable instead of waiting for anytype patches.:grin:


Update - v0.8 published

Import of working tables has been integrated.
For the “final” version, everything rests with the Anytype team (file and tag integration possible) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.