Where are my files?

I assume this is subject to change so this question is two-fold.

Right now, when I add an image to a page, where does it go? Is must be stored locally for it to work offline but when I click open, the file is loaded into /AppData/Local/Temp rather than just opening from whichever repository it’s stored in.

Second part of the question, later on we will be able to handle and manage more files, right? If I drop a 20GB file into a page, I’m going to want that to be linked just from where it is in the harddrive rather than being duplicated somewhere. What’s the plan for the file handling and OS integrations? Will AnyType just have a list of directories to watch? Will there be a limit to the types of files it can see? Eg I would want to be able to have a set showing all my 3D model files (fbx, obj, abc, blend, prefab) and be able to add tags to them inside AnyType for easier filtering and sorting. Ultimately I’d like to build a plugin so I can tag files in AT from within my 3D software.
My asset library is several TB though so there’s no way I’d be able to have all that duplicated.

I found this from 2 years ago, is there a roadmap for this sort of thing?


Important discussion indeed.

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I am new to anytype. This topic seems related to what I want to ask. So I am posting my question here.

As I understand, my knowledge coming only from reading through community posts and anytype’s own explainers, the images in my mobile app is being accessed by the desktop app and vice versa. It does not get duplicated in the desktop app.

If my understanding is correct, then what happens when I change my mobile device?

  • If the image used in my android app is not stored in google drive, what happens when I change my device?

I would really appreciate some more explanation about what is happening, as I am sure it’s obvious that this is a new concept for me.

I really appreciate the work everyone is doing. Hope everyone is healthy also.



For now all data is copied in encrypted form into anytype app. We have the ideas to introduce some kind of sync with file system like in dropbox and similar file management apps but for now it is not a priority and we are not considering ourself a file management app for now. But we have it in our sight.


Thanks for your reply. I am asking cause, digital assets like images and videos and pdfs that are scattered across my pc and mobile, I want to organize them with tags and “relations” to use at appropriate times. Like images to use during journaling or alternately, to make personalised birthday cards for people etc. I was just wondering, if I have not saved the image in my external storage or backed them up somewhere; the images are only in the app then will I have access to these images if I change devices and install Anytype in the new device. I will do more research on how this works.