More control over local file organization

I don’t want my content to be locked in a particular app (regardless of how trustworthy/good the app is).

A lot has already been discussed here about this regarding textual content (ability to import/export in various formats etc). However I’m still unsure how this would work with files.

Files in a computer need to be searchable and accessible by various other software, in a variety of contexts. For example, if I’m in Photoshop I need to be able to go to File/Open and navigate through my folders to find what I want. I don’t want to always depend on Anytype to find/open every single file.

From what I understand, files included in Anytype will be kept in a particular place/way, which is unlikely to be compatible with other software. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

If so, one possible solution would be to allow users to keep their own file/folder structure locally, while still having these files be “in Anytype”. For example, while a JPG image could appear in multiple places in Anytype, it would still live in a unique place in my local drive.

For other devices, there could be an option to either replicate the same local structure when downloading, or just keeping them in a flat folder.

Note this is different from simple linking to local files (which I expect to be able to do as well).


I believe this might not be possible as Anytype is built on IPFS and it is my understanding that the format or structure of data stored with IPFS is very different to how files are typically stored on your filesystem.

Additionally data in Anytype is stored encrypted (which is one of it’s core features), what you’re suggesting I believe would require the data to be stored unencrypted.

Unless perhaps…
When you put a file in Anytype it could note the file’s path in your local filesystem relative to Anytype’s local storage directory and store that with the file itself in Anytype’s encrypted IPFS format on the network, but not store it in Anytype’s usual local storage directory on the device because the file is already present on your system in it’s original location (so as to avoid duplicating data).
Then whenever Anytype synchronizes with the network it could check that path and compare the file on your local filesystem with the copy from the network and replace whichever is one is older?

Admittedly, I do not know enough about how Anytype works to know whether or not that solution is possible.


Data is not stored encrypted on your local machine but only on the backup node, at least for now. Kindly go through this following thread for more info:



You described the Nirvanapp. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
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