Want improve Relations to be movable

English isn’t my first language, I’ll be as clear as I can.


Object is good

In Anytype, I love the “Object” concept, it’s great. It not only contains non-relational data (Note), but also make relational data more useful.

I think make Object easy to flexible is necessary, easy to make Object range bigger or small, and you don’t feel scruple “How area big that I need include” that when you create Object.

In Anytype, split Object and combine Objects are have options: When I think a section is too long or want to separate it for add more elaborate relations, I would turn the title into an Object and move the content to a “Sub-Object”. Or I think an object is less of content, I can change the Object’s type to Note and combine it back to the original Object using the “Move To” option.



Relations in Object are not easy to move to another Object

Before splitting the object, I’ve already linked some relations to that section, but moving a relation from the original Object to new Object seems a little difficult. Even if you split the content, the relation still link the previous Object, it’s incorrect. And there’s no obvious way to easily move the relation from the original Object to the Sub-Object

My advice

You don’t need switch to another page, add a "import relation form…“button in Object’s Relations page . When finish import, it will remove relations from original Object. Optional, you can give the original Object a redirect link (like wikipedia), Indicates that you have moved the related Relations to the Sub-Object, which should be shown on the Graph.

A bug

Finally…I find a bug, when you selecting it suddenly back to the top. I can’t recurrence it. :upside_down_face:


Welcome to the community @Fradeet and thank you for the precise feedback!

We are working on less rigid ways to work with Blocks and Objects, and several members of the Community have presented similar write ups to yours.

Being able to apply custom Templates to existing Objects would solve some of the Relation encumbrances you’ve illustrated, albeit a less immediate approach.

I have to agree, it would be great to have more flexible and expedient workflow like this for building your knowledge base.

I encourage you to turn some of what you’ve described into Feature Requests, so other community members can vote on them, and you might find that some are already exist.
That’s generally how our devs prioritize what to build next, although we take all feedback into consideration, so thanks again for taking the time to communicate this to us.

Regarding the Bug, that should be submitted as a Bug Report, then it can be forwarded directly to the development team, because it’s integrated with our internal issue tracker. :vulcan_salute:

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