Turn double dash (- -) into mdash (—)

I just love long dashes and can’t live without them. Notion automatically turns double dash (--) into m-dash (—), so it would be cool to have in Anytype.

Describe the solution you’d like
Right when you type “--” (not after pressing space or anything), it’s transformed into a —.

Additional context
Also some transformations like -> to → could be handy too.
Space between dashes in the heading of the post shouldn’t be there – but without it forum’s engine turns double dash into n-dash.


Hi Freewalkr,

I like your idea, but I want to point out that the transformation from -> to → is already possible in Anytype in Text blocks. You can insert mdash-es with Option - on macOS or Ctrl(?) - on Linux. Windows seems to be the exception to this rule. Other handy signs can be written this way as well: …π–ºª•¶§≠

Maybe a reference for possible signs and Octicons: patched Nerdfonts


~ Luca

Yeah, thanks, I know about things like alt-codes, but it’s much more convenient and quick to do it just with a double dash.

I haven’t noticed a possibility with an arrow because the transformation happens after you enter a space: haven’t tried doing it. I like the way it is in Notion: just enter a second dash – and you have an m-dash instantly. Not after entering a space, like in Anytype, not after entering the next word, like in MS Word – instantly. This gives you that feeling of workflow speed.

This was implemented :+1:

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